Wednesday, September 24

1992 NLCS: You Don't Know (Blank)

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Trailing 2-0 in the bottom of the ninth in the seventh game of the 1992 NLCS, the Atlanta Braves came to the plate against the Pirates mustachioed and mulleted ace [Stop looking]. The leadoff batter,[No Cheating], doubled down the right field line. The next batter, David Justice, reached on a groundball error to second baseman,[No Cheating]. After the next batter walked to load the bases, Pirates skipper and generally grumpy old man,[No Cheating], made a call to the bullpen. He brought in [No Cheating] who promptly gave up a sacrifice fly to Ron Gant, to make it a one-run game. Catcher [No Cheating] then walked and pinch-hitter Brian Hunter (+2 for knowing he came in for [No Cheating]) popped out for the second out of the inning. The final batter of the series was [No Cheating], hitting for pitcher [No Cheating]. A line drive to short left field to the amicable one,[No Cheating], allowed David Justice and [No Cheating] to score, just ahead of the lunging tag of catcher [No Cheating]. The Braves went on to the lose the World Series in six games to the [No Cheating]and Series MVP,[No Cheating].

Intentional white space

Answers Below:

1. Doug Drabek
2. Terry Pendleton
3. Jose Lind
4. Jim Leyland
5. Stan Belinda
6. Damon Berryhill
7. Rafael Belliard
8. Francisco Cabrera
9. Jeff Reardon
10. Barry Bonds
11. Sid Bream
12. Mike LaValliere
13. Toronto Blue Jays
14. Pat Borders

1: Jane Fonda
2-4: Ted Turner
5-7: Braves fan
8-10: Parent of an Atlanta Brave
11-12: Bobby Cox
13-14: Leo Mazzone
15: Depressed Pirate fan that has watched the homemade videotape of this game no less than 500 times while reliving the glory years where your team almost made the World Series, instead of wallowing in the self-misery that is irrelevance in the NL East


Kelly said...

This is entirely unnecessary. I not only need to endure the fact that I am a Pirates fan but then you decide to pile on with this. Without question in my mind, the darkest moment in Pirate's history, and you make me relive it. I'm not going to get into a rant about how Barry Bonds was clearly singing the new hit by the New Kids on the Block instead of paying attention to the game. I'm not going to cry that he couldn't throw out Sid Bream, quite possibly, the world's slowest man. Seriously, he was rounding third base at RBI Baseball speed (I liked it so much I had to include my own cheap rip off). I'm actually going to go watch the game again and see if I can't find another place where the Pirates could have won that game.

My score was 18, by the way. You underestimate my misery over this.

Cleet said...

At least this can remind you of when the Pirates were actually good kelly. Seriously though, it was a random selection for the topic that stemmed from a discussion we had.