Friday, September 26

Week 4 NFL Mr. Green Locks

Well, at the very least I am consistent. Last week's picks were par for the course for my NFL locks so far this year. Decent, but much room for improvement. You would like to think that as the season goes on you could predict the games better, but it really is not the case. Hopefully I can do better at the picks this week.

Last Week: 10-6
Season: 30-17

ATL at CAR: Panthers- This is a game the game that would have been considered easy for the Panthers up until Antione Winfield's sack on Delhomme before halftime last Sunday, now it is in doubt. The Panthros should bounce back and remind Blue Suede and the Falcons that they should not be tied for the division lead.

ARI at NYJ: Cardinals- I think the Favre love may soon turn into jokes at Brett's expense. He looks his age finally and the way he likes to sling the ball, the Arizona secondary should get some grabs. Anything Rivers and his receivers can do against the Jets I think Warner, Fitz, and Boldin will be able to do.

CLE at CIN: Bengals- In the battle of crappy Ohio teams I have to give the edge to the Bengals because of the way they played last week and the fact that the Browns have entered the possibly Quinn era. Also, the Browns pass rush has been bad, and I think Carson will enjoy the time to throw.

MIN at TEN: Titans- The Titans are rolling and Minnesota has not had a solid week of football yet. Gus Frerotte will face a real pass rush this week, and Kerry Collins should distribute the ball enough to keep from the front four of Minnesota from pinning their ears back like they did against the Panthers.

GB at TB: Packers- The Packers will bounce back here but it won't be easy. This game is on their defense more than Rodgers and the offense. Griese better not throw more than 40 passes in this game, even with Al Harris out.

SF at NO: Saints- This season every team that has beaten Detriot has lost the next game, probably because they didn't have to play that much actual competitive football against the Lions.

HOU at JAC: Jaguars- So much promise for Matt Schaub and the offense of Houston, yet its getting it over the goal-line and not turning it over that turns promises into results. The run game for the Jags could be back on track now.

DEN at KC: Broncos- This would mean that Denver would be 4-0, man alive. But it's hard to see myself picking the Chiefs in any game this season.

BUF at STL: Bills- Another likely surprise 4-0 team. The Bills should do well here, but maybe Trent Green has some magic left in the old arm.

SD at OAK: Chargers- I think the Raiders make this close, but at this point I don't think Kiffin cares if he wins games anymore.

WSH at DAL: Cowboys- Badly want to take the 'Skins, but in the end, too much Romo with no Jason Taylor. T.O. always has a big game following a bad one in Dallas.

PHI at CHI: Eagles- I really like how the Eagles are playing and the funny thing is that it is classic Andy Reid and Jim Johnson. Short passes and blitzes for all.

BAL at PIT: Ravens- Baltimore really wants this one and everyone knows Big Ben is on injury watch with the way his line protected him last week. Another low scoring affair I believe.


The Clue fact of the week occurs at the end of the third ending(there are 3 endings, well there is a 4th one but it is really never shown). Mr. Green who earlier in the film proclaimed himself to be a homosexual shows himself to be an FBI agent undercover. He says "I'm a plant" to which Miss Scarlett says "I thought men like you were usually called a fruit." At the point in my life when I began watching this movie I had no idea what a homosexual was or what it meant to be a fruit. It's funny how sometimes things we see in childhood don't reveal their meaning until later on. Ok, maybe it's not that funny, enjoy the weekend everyone.

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