Monday, September 29

Don't Miss this MNF game

In a recent interview with Jim Rome, Bart Scott was funny, charismatic, and honest. He was light-hearted through most of the discussion, managing to be self-deprecating while still being able to declare himself "Hood Champ." The only time Bart's demeanor changed was when the conversation shifted to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Scott did not take lightly to a "cheap shot" by Hines Ward (video below), saying that he could've taken a shot on Big Ben earlier, but didn't. You may recall that Scott even threatened to "kill" Hines Ward, a threat that Scott was dismissive of during his interview with Rome. Scott said that during this meeting he would be taking full advantage of all opportunities to hit any and every Steeler. Not only is this game significant in the AFC North standings, but an angry Ravens linebacker bent on revenge adds even more intrigue.

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