Saturday, September 27

College Football Links for Great Justice

Virginia 3, Duke 31 - This sums it up. If Tennessee continues to struggle the seven Duke football fans had better enjoy this year. The Vols first call has to be former offensive coordinator and current Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe if/when Phil Fulmer gets shown the door. Courtesy CollegeGameBalls: One outta three for Duke cheerleaders is their best ratio in years.

Pittsburgh 34, Syracuse 24
- When Greg Robinson watches The Express, he'll see more Syracuse victories than he ever did during his tenure as coach. They're so bad, not even The Stache could screw this one up.

Maryland 20, Clemson 17
- We have a new rule at ASD. If I tell Cleet I'm getting engaged, he has to slap me twice to make sure I'm confident. If I say I'm buying Clemson as a potential ACC champion, he has to slap me three times.

Northwestern 22, Iowa 17 - Perhaps the most rational discussion of a loss to Northwestern ever.

Mississippi 31, Florida 30 - Lose on a blocked PAT? Where's all the heaps of praise we see every time UF special teams block a kick?

Following the Miami game, Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley had some choice words for UM Coach Randy Shannon:

"Get a grip, Randy Shannon.

You know what a grip is. That's when you take the hand of the opposing coach and shake it like a man instead of hand-slapping him and running away like you're late for the team charter."

I wonder if the UF lap dog will hold Urban Meyer to the same standard after Meyer's dismissive postgame handshake today. My sources say no.

Navy 24, Wake Forest 17 - Many people don't know, and those that do will proclaim it as if they're Herodotus-esque historians, but the ACC was originally founded as a football conference. With Wake Forest's loss, the ACC has no undefeated teams left this season. The only BCS conference to beat the ACC to this dubious honor was the Pac-10, but unlike their oceanic counterparts no ACC team has a chance at the National Championship. As fas as the other BCS conferences at this moment, the Big XII has six undefeated teams, the Big Ten two, the Big East two, and the SEC four (with one guaranteed to fall tonight).

Arkansas 10, Texas 52
- At least Houston Nutt isn't having success, right Razorbacks? right? Sometimes programs just need to learn their place in the pecking order and accept it. Then they won't have to get in bed with a scum sucking, bottom dweller (I may not be certified to give out mad props, but if I can I'm giving them to the Falcons for having that on their website).

Wisconsin 25, Michigan 27 - Speaking of scum sucking, bottom dwellers, congrats RichRod.

Houston 41, East Carolina 24
- From ESPN to regional coverage to radio. hell of a run for Skip Holtz and the Pirates. 621 total yards of offense for Houston? You could play NCAA 09 on 12 minute quarters and not get that much with the Cougars. The board of trustees forgot to include a don't lose to Houston clause in Holtz's new contract.

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