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Alma Mater Conference Fantasia Week 1: Strike One for the ACC

Last week we told you of our slightly insane fantasy football experiment using NFL players' alma maters. We have taken the best of each of our conferences and pitted them against each other in a ten team league. Here are the results from the 5 games from the first week and look, the ACC was able to beat the SEC in something!

ACC 200
SEC 160

SEC purists might be up in arms about this result (if Eagle fans can get upset over Jessica Simpson, I'm sure someone could) but the numbers don't lie as the best NFL players the ACC has to offer posted the highest score of any conference. Here are the high scorers at each position:

ACC Leaders
Phillip Rivers(NC St) 20 [QB]
Eddie Royal(VA Tech) 20 [WR]
Willie Parker(N. Car) 32 [RB]
Kellen Winslow(Miami) 10 [TE]
Mario Williams(NC St) 14 [D]

NC State is doing way better in our league than in their actual football. Rivers, Jerricho Cotchery (14 points), and Mario helped turn the tide. Miami also represented well which is not a surprise with Frank Gore (20), Reggie Wayne (14), and Jon Beason with a solid day at linebacker with 7 points. Willie Parker was the second highest scorer of the week.

SEC Leaders
Jay Cutler(Vandy) 20 [QB]
Felix Jones(Ark) 13 [RB]
Hines Ward(UGA) 19 [WR]
David Martin(Tenn) 10 [TE]
Jon Abraham(S. Car)13 [D]

Jerious Norwood (17) had a strong day, but who didn't running against the Lions. Former Georgia Bulldog John Kasay still going strong in his 18th year in the league has 14 as the kicking representative for the SEC, but it was not enough.

Pac Ten 147
FCS Division 131

The formerly known as I-AA always has something to prove and although they put up a good fight, the left coast players were too much.

Pac Ten Leaders
Aaron Rodgers(Cal) 20 [QB]
Reggie Bush(USC) 22 [RB]
DeShean Jackson(Cal) 10 [WR]
Donte Rosario(Ore) 15 [TE]
Lance Briggs(Ari) 13 [D]

A strong day for the Bears as Rodgers, DeShean, and Marshawn (14) had big days. Donte Rosario came out of nowhere at TE, uprooting another Bear Tony Gonzalez. The USC Trojans also ahd a strong showing besides Bush, Justin Fargas(10) and Lendale White(10) has solid games.

FCS Leaders
John Kitna(Central Wash) 17 [QB]
Brian Westbrook(Nova) 21 [RB]
Terrell Owens(Chatt) 14 [WR]
Tony Scheffler(W. Mich) 7 [TE]
Cortland Finnegan(Samford) 11 [D]

The sub-par performance by Marquis Colston(2) hurt the I-AA team as will the injury to his finger, but maybe Tim Hightower(10) will continue to emerge.

Big East 66
Big XII 117

Not only is the Big East behind because they have a small number of schools, but they had some bad performances as well. This shalacking was the lowest score by any team.

Big East leaders
Donavan McNabb(Cuse) 26 [QB]
Larry Fitzgerald(Pitt) 9 [WR]
Steve Slaton(WVA) 4 [RB]
L.J. Smith(Rut) 9 [TE]
Gary Brackett(Rut) 6 [D]

Just too many donuts: Jerry Porter, Brian Leonard, Chris Henry.

Big XII leaders
Vince Young(Tex) 6 [QB]
Mark Clayton(Okla) 12 [WR]
Adrian Peterson(Okla) 17 [RB]
Bo Scaife(Tex) 10 [TE]
Stew Bradley(Neb) 11 [D]

The Red River rivalry has produced well for this team with most of the scoring belonging to either Texas or Oklahoma. Vince Young as the league's only QB could hurt them though.

Conf USA 129
Big Ten 163

Conference USA had a good showing considering their limited line-up against the Big Ten powerhouse who lost Tom Brady, but still has Drew Brees.

Conf USA leaders
Chad Pennington(Marsh) 17 [QB]
Randy Moss(Marsh) 17 [WR]
Chris Johson(E. Car) 19 [RB]
Bryan Thomas(UAB) 11 [D]

Kevin Smith (13) and Matt Forte (19) also led to the good production from Conf. USA but will Moss be as valuable now that Cassel is in?

Big Ten leader
Drew Brees(Pur) 24 [QB]
Plaxico Burress(Mich St) 13 [WR]
Marion Barber(Minn) 22 [RB]
Ben Utecht(Minn) 1 [TE]
Chris Gamble(Ohio St) 13 [D]

Strong double digit performances all around from Chris Chambers (10), Neil Rackers (11) and Michael Jenkins (12).

MAC 100

Our spliced together team from the Mountain West, WAC, Sun Belt, and Independents prevailed with the help from all the different players, but mainly Michael Turner and James Harrison.

Jake Delhomme(LA-Laf) 13 [QB]
Nate Burleson(Nev) 12 [WR]
LaDanian Tomlinson(TCU) 10 [RB]
Anthony Fasano(ND) 14 [TE]
Travis Laboy(Boise St) 13 [D]

Losing Nate Burleson will hurt going forward but srong performances all around and Steve Smith will come back after this week.

MAC leaders
Ben Roethlisberger(Mia Oh) 12 [QB]
Michael Turner(N. Ill) 34 [RB]
Kevin Walter(E. Mich) 11 [WR]
Antonio Gates(Kent State) 20 [TE]
James Harrison(Kent State) 18 [D]

The Huskies can be proud of their Michael Turner as he notched the highest score of any player with his blistering performance this week against Detroit. The MAC has a good core of players even if the list is short, they could do some damage this year before all is said and done.

So that is week 1 in a nutshell, the conferences will be going at it for the season and we will see who comes out on top. Here are the standings after week 1:

1. ACC 1-0-0
2. Big Ten 1-0-0
3. Pac 10 1-0-0
4. MAC 1-0-0
5. Big East 1-0-0
6. SEC 0-1-0
7. Conference USA 0-1-0
9. Big XII 0-1-0
10. FCS (Div. I-AA) 0-1-0

Week 2 Match-ups:
Pac Ten vs. Big XII
Big East vs. Big Ten
Conf USA vs. MAC

We will see how things shake out next week, may the madness continue.

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