Thursday, September 4

AFC State of the Union

NFC fans appear to be more dedicated or perhaps they just have more time on their hands, because tracking down AFC previews and predictions was more painful than listening to a roundtable discussion featuring Skip Bayless, Tim McCarver, Jamelle Hill, and Jay Mariotti. Instead of posting videos just to have team representation, I'm trimming the fat. Cleet's still going to be mad about at least one, but I'll bear the brunt to bring a great new video to the masses.

AFC East

While pressing the statute of limitations, because the new season hasn't officially begun, I present you with The Spygate Song.

This entertaining Buffalo Bill preview needs to see the light of day, cue it up to 2:50 to witness the most love Paul Posluszny has ever gotten from a man.

The Miami Dolphins preview takes a hopeful Barack Obama-esque approach.
Jets Preview and a mandatory Bret Favre song.

AFC North
This "Stillers" video had the best production of any of the team preview, so it also gets some love. His view on "bold predictions" is spot on, and while we're here, a little Myron Cope.

More of the same for the Bengals.
A Browns preview. Hi Ryan!

AFC South
For one of the youngest, most talented divisions, they scored a doughnut on previews.

AFC West
The only AFC West team to have any season preview was the Oakland Raiders. Not only does this guy know his team, he also drops a Cerberus reference while discussing the running back situation. I don't like to stereotype, but I wouldn't have guessed it would be a Raiders fan dropping some mythology on us. His preview also had a second part.

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