Thursday, September 18

Alma Mater Conference Fantasia Week 2: Big Time Players Make Big Time ...somethin' somethin'

We are two weeks into our fantasy football experiment and so far no wins for the smaller conference against the big boys. We had a close call but close calls only count in cornhole and Kan-Jam. Results and standings inside.

Pac Ten 134
Big XII 123

The Big XII is really hurting for lack of a QB. Vince Young's injury and subsequent chicken wing bender has left the conference team without a signal caller. Aaron Rodgers(Cal) led the Pac Ten with 25 points agaisnt the Lions. Although I'm sure he cost someone out there their fantasy game this week, DeSean Jackson's(Cal) blunder did not cost the Pac Ten the win, he still contributed 11 points. The Panthers unleashed J-Stew(Oregon) in the second half as he scored twice and ended with 19 points. Reggie Bush(USC) again had a productive day with 14 points. Ryan Longwell(Cal) profited from Minnesota's inablity to cross the goaline. Cal again ws the MVP of the team as Marshawn Lynch also contributed. Darren Sprolles(Kansas St) and Adrian Peterson(Oklahoma) provided the punch for the Big XII with 24 and 18 points respectively. Justin Gage(Missouri), Quentin Jammer(Texas), and Mason Crosby(Colorado) were the only other members of the Big XII in double figures.

Big East 85
Big Ten 164

The Big Ten can take solace in the fact that their team is 2-0 after getting slammed in the big match-up of Ohio State and USC. The Big East just has too few players producing. Maybe I should have combined the Big East and MAC to create the Beasty MAC, but the Big East is an auto-bid league for the BCS so it will have to stand and take it. Donavan McNabb(Syracuse) had a good game Monday night, but only threw for one TD (DeSean ripple effect) and his former 'Cuse teammate Marvin Harrison only had 2 points. The only other big conributors were Larry Fitzgerald(Pitt) with 15, Michael Bush(Louisville) with 14, and kicker David Akers(Louisville) with 13. The Big Ten were in double digits at almost every position. Marion Barber(Minnesota) was their high scorer with 23 and other big scorers were Chris Chambers(Wisconsin), Chris Perry(Michigan), Anthony Gonzalez(Ohio St), Brandon Lloyd(Illinois), and Charles Woodson(Michigan).

Conference USA 115
MAC 74

The MAC is waiting anxiously for news about Big Ben's(Miami OH) shoulder. A rather weak performance from the MAC this week as Greg Jennings(Western Mich)with 16, it seems playing the Lions is good for the opposing team's fantasy numbers. Michael Turner(N Illinois) played Detroit last week and ran wild, this week he managed 4 points against the Bucs defense. The MAC's leading scorer was kicker Shaun Suisham(Bowling Green) with 12. Conference USA's roster is small but it packs a punch. Brandon Marshall(Central Florida) had a big day with 22 points of his 18 catch performance. Ahmad Bradshaw(Marshall), Isaac Bruce(Memphis) and Stephen Gostkowski(Memphis) were the high scorers for America's conference.

SEC 162
FCS Division 159

Oh so very close the FCS was in Week 2. The SEC had to squeak by just to be sure they did not fall to 0-2. Jay Cutler(Vandy) despite his fumble/blown dead ball/lucky bastard play scored 31 points thanks in part to the extra TD and conversion. Earnest Graham(Florida) provided the pop at running back with 18, while Darren McFadden(Arkansas) woke up with 21. Linebacker Patrick Willis(Ole Miss) came in with a big 17 points, scoring a TD from the defensive side. Kurt Warner(Northern Iowa) provided 26 big points for the FCS, and T.O.(Chattanooga) and Brian Westbrook(Villanova) had big scores from the Monday Night Football shoot-out. Westbrook also benefited from the DeSean play ripple, scoring from the 1 after the dead ball fumble. Great effort by the FCS, I definitely feel a few big wins coming for them against the big conferences this year.

ACC 172

The ACC again lit up the scoreboard fantasy-wise this week. All but four positions were in double figures. Phillip Rivers(NC St) again lead the way at QB with 28. The U was well represented with 24 from Santanna Moss, 21 from Clinton Portis, 13 from Frank Gore, and 5 from Kellen Winslow. Anquan Boldin(Florida St) was the high scorer of the week with 32 points. Our MWACINDBELT melting pot team did not have a strong effort from its players, only Justin Tuck(Notre Dame) gained double figures. Jake Delhomme(LA-Lafayette) won against the Bears but only had 4 points in our league.

The standings last week were off, they have been corrected. Here where the conferences are at after 2 weeks:

1. ACC 2-0
2. Big Ten 2-0
3. Pac 10 2-0
4. MAC 1-1
5. Big East 1-1
6. SEC 1-1
7. Conference USA 1-1
9. Big XII 0-2
10. FCS (Div. I-AA) 0-2

Week 2 Match-ups:
SEC vs. Big XII
Big Ten vs. Pac Ten
MAC vs. Big East
Conference USA vs. MWACINDBELT

Interesting to see how things shape up so far, we'll see if the ACC can continue dominating and if the Big XII can get a win next week.

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