Wednesday, September 3

NFC East State of the Union

With the NFL season starting tomorrow, it’s time for State of the Union speeches from all 32 teams. Rather than spout the four-letter propaganda, we’ve turned to individual fans for in-depth analysis of each team. We’ll start with the NFC and tomorrow we’ll have the AFC. Videos are divided into divisions and in order of quality.

Philadelphia Eagles (Start at 0:25)(mildly NSFW)
A top ten list why the Eagles will win the NFC East, complete with description of how top 10 lists work. Beware the trio tandems! No mention of Brian Dawkins is confusing. Just ask Mushin Muhammad. Special message for Boston and Washington at the end.

Washington Redskins
Solid analysis, but very little flare. The team does have a new song, as well as this. To make up for that last one, I offer Darrell Green and Art Monk highlights as peace offerings. I wonder if Darrell would catch Usain Bolt if he had the football.

New York Giants (1:10)
Surprisingly upbeat after losing Osi. Thinks they make the playoffs, but not confident.

Dallas Cowboys (2:45)
Always in competition with the Redskins, they have three fan songs for the new year. Including the least intimidating song ever. The video sums up the opinion of all Cowboy fans this year.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the AFC State of the Union speeches.

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