Monday, September 29

Extra Year for Syracuse Guard Eric Devendorf

This story may not be typical of what we cover, but the fairness of redshirts is something we've broached before.

What a difference a game makes. Just over a month after Pitt's Mike Cook was denied a 6th year of eligibility, Syracuse's Eric Devendorf has been granted an extra year. Last season, Mike Cook played in 11 games, Devendorf played in 10. Both rulings are correct based on the NCAA's rule, but the luck (if there is such a thing when discussing ACL tears) of Devendorf's occurring five days and one game earlier may represent substantial gains for the Orange. Devendorf averaged seventeen points per game last season for the Cuse, second only to new Sacramento King Donte Green. By getting the extra year of eligibility Devendorf will be listed as a junior this season. The benefits for the Orange faithful may not be apparent until the 2009-10 year, when Coach Jim Boeheim will feature a talented veteran team (thie 08-09 team has 3 seniors, but only one who has seen significant action). If Jonny Flynn does not jump for the NBA, the return of guard Andy Rautins and with the addition of incoming freshman wingman Mookie Jones, the Cuse should be poised to once again become a power player.

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