Thursday, September 4

The ASD Alma Mater Football Conference Fantasia....Bonanza

We here at ASD (that means me and Catfish) are now two months into our blogging venture. We have had some obstacles, a few larfs, and have begun to get the momentum going to create a fully (somewhat?) functional sports blog. As the NFL season begins we dare to try something only the seriously deranged would try (Nerd Alert!). But without reckless experimentation Jimmi Hendrix would not have written great music, Leonardo Da Vinci would not have created his masterpieces (or inspired batman), Henry Ford would not have made the model T, and your parents would not have gotten drunk enough to make you. With that mental image firmly engraved in your mind, we announce that this NFL season, we will be conducting a fantasy football league based on the alma maters of the players according to their conferences. We have created a league where ten "conferences" from college football pit their best representatives in the NFL against the others. In the end, one conference shall rise and the others shall fall....and this time, it's personal....with a vengeance.

What we've done is taken the conferences in FBS football, the FCS division and created ten teams based on NFL players' alumni. Here are our ten competitors:
-ACC (maybe go non-BCS after last weekend)
-Big East (somehow I think Tranghesee will be monitoring this)
-Big XII (Roman numerals are fun!)
-Big Ten (no fantasy points awarded for 3 yards and a cloud of dust)
-Pac Ten (If I had to choose a coast I'd have to choose the East, I live out there so don't go there, but that doesn't mean a brother can't play fantasy football in the west [sorry Biggie])
-SEC (feel the need for speed)
-MAC (underdogs yes, but doesn't this country love an underdog?)
-Conf. USA (Hacksaw Jim Duggan's favorite)
-FCS [I-AA] (they can play with the big boys...mehbe)
-MWACINDBELT (this is the crime against nature team, we needed a 10th team and these conferences did not have enough to compete so we mad scientisted them together, if they had a mascot it would probably be that ostrich/man from the PETA camp in that episode of South Park or the frog Bart attempts to turn into a prince in the Harry Potter segment of that Simpson's Halloween special. In either case the creature pleads "kill me" over and over again.)

Scoring will follow most generic fantasy leagues, and single defensive players will be included instead of team defenses. Sadly, we could not work the Offesnive linemen into our experiment. No love for the big boys. Each team's roster will consist of:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 W/TE
1 DL
1 LB
1 DB

Obviously some conferences will have more of a pool to draw from but that's how it goes. No clue how this is going to play out, but we will keep updates of how the season is going every week. It should be noted this is not to prove which conference is the best or who can brag about having the best alumni, it is simply a curious endeavor by me and Catfish, to feed our curiosity on the subject. With that said, let's light this candle!

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