Monday, September 15

Ahead This Week on ASD

- A look at how the baseball playoffs are shaping up coming down the stretch.
- We'll update week 2 of our alma mater fantasy football conference battles.
- A review of the block in the back on punt return penalty, is it time to tweak this one?
- You know those traditions your sports teams have that you love so much? Well guess what everybody else thinks they're dumb.
-Team divorces, what are some legit reasons to ditch team allegiance and take up a new club to root for.
- We will look back at the week that was in college football, and look ahead to this weekend's key match-ups.
- Also, Catfish tries to crush an egg in his palm using only that hand (takes strong wrists).

This and of course much more (well, not much more) coming up this week.

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