Monday, September 8

Monday Matinee at the Open

Today at 5:00 (EST) Roger Federer looks to right the ship and capture his fifth straight U.S. Open title. In his way stands Andy Murray, a young Scot who impressed the home British crowd at Wimbledon before bowing out to Nadal. But this time, Rafael could not match the intesity of Andy. Murray employed a combination of great serving with a stifling defense of shot returning to do something I thought was not possible: wearing down Nadal. After winning the French, Wimbledon in a 5 set classic, and a Olympic Gold Medal, Nadal's tank seemed to be empty. Murray did the right thing and kept his foot on the gas not letting Rafael rest, even after the match was suspended due to weather on Saturday. Murray finished the job Sunday to set up today's final. Although everyone wanted the Nadal/Federer rematch, the final should be interesting. Interesting if Federer does not play at his top game, which he began doing in the 4th set against Djokovic. We'll take a closer look at the final and the state of men's tennis tomorrow.

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