Wednesday, September 3

NFC South State of the Union

With the NFL season starting tomorrow, it’s time for State of the Union speeches from all 32 teams. Rather than spout the four-letter propaganda, we’ve turned to individual fans for in-depth analysis of each team. We’ll start with the NFC and tomorrow we’ll have the AFC. Videos are divided into divisions and in order of quality.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Hands down the best preview in the NFC. Found this via HuggingHaroldReynolds. I guess I need to try to trade Jeff Garcia off my fantasy football team. Some love for App. State’s own Dexter Jackson (yep, still warms the heart). CBS NFL Today opening from 1979 at Bucs playoff game, look quick Tampa fans, it’s the only way to see your team in the playoffs this year.

Carolina Panthers (start at 2:15)
This recap of the game against the Redskins sums up the mindset of Panther fans. It’s a sad state when the most exciting game you can remember in the past few years is a pre-season game, but I have to admit, I’m trying not to get my expectations too high. Not since Smitty embarrassed Fred Smoot has their been this much of a buzz. They have a new anthem too.

Atlanta Falcons (0:30)
Atlanta welcomes Matt Ryan with open arms… or maybe not. Clearly, that #7 is out of the public conscious. No love for the departed DeAngelo Hall. (4:45 conversation turns to general football discussion)

New Orleans Saints
The only team without a fan representing on camera. One effect and one font. Maybe they’ve been preoccupied with that Gustav fellow.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the AFC State of the Union speeches.

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