Wednesday, September 3

NFC West State of the Union

With the NFL season starting tomorrow, it’s time for State of the Union speeches from all 32 teams. Rather than spout the four-letter propaganda, we’ve turned to individual fans for in-depth analysis of each team. We’ll start with the NFC and tomorrow we’ll have the AFC. Videos are divided into divisions and in order of quality.

Seattle Seahwaks
I’m pretty sure his wife makes him take the flag down as soon as he’s done, but good analysis and graphics. Having a drumline is always a plus for a team.

St. Louis Rams (NSFW)
Wrestling fan channeling Rick Henderson, he also appears to be the slowest telegraph operator in the world. His preview has a second part focusing on Steven Jackson and the front office.

San Francisco 49ers (0:45)
Takeo Spikes knows pre-season football is serious business (2:15). All the fans got new haircuts and new jerseys.

Arizona Cardinals
Not too many Cardinal fans lining up to deliver a State of the Union for ’08. I may, however, have discovered why Leinart was drinking so much. Because there’s no new predictions, this one from a year ago should work. Skip to 2:20. It’s summed up pretty quick.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the AFC State of the Union speeches.

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