Tuesday, September 30

Links: Larry Brown Saying Please

In Rick Bonnell's most recent article, the Bobcats new head coach points to some potential roster problems during Bobcats media day. The base line has been set now. No concerns, gripes, or misgivings will be expressed any nicer the rest of way. Brown would like a third PG with a handle, he also wants two SFs that can guard, and five athletic big men. For the PG position the Bobcats would do well to look at Julius Hodge, currently in Nets camp, but likely without a roster spot. The Cats have a surplus of SFs, but this defensive emphasis probably isn't a good sign for Adam Morrison's playing time. More than being athletic Brown would like to see the Bobcats add a veteran front court presence. Bonnell points to camp invitee Andre Brown to possibly fulfill that role.

An interview with Blazers assistant GM and salary cap guru Tom Penn. Intriguing read if you want to impress the ladies with your knowledge of the soft cap.

Pat Riley's no longer coaching, but he's still sticking his fingers in your pots and tasting what your cooking. Does that bother you? Maybe you should spend some more time with your family. Three days into Heat training camp and GM Randy Pfund has resigned. "While I resign my position with the Heat, I feel it is the perfect time to pursue other opportunities within the NBA, and I'm excited about my future." Translation: Riley drove me batsh*t because he wanted to play GM.

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