Tuesday, September 9

NFL Week 1: The Numbers

One number from each game that stuck out above all others.

Redskins v. NY Giants - $75,000 – Amount Michael Strahan was paid for his cameo. Shameless Michael, just shameless.

Rams v. Eagles - 3 – Eagles receivers that had over 100 receiving yards.

Texans v. Steelers – 1 – More TD Willie Parker has this year than he did all of last year (2). Also Roethlisberger incompletions in the game.

Bengals v. Ravens – 5.06 – Joe Flacco’s 40 yard dash time. Running at the speed of Madden 95, Flacco ran for a 38 yard touchdown.

Lions v. Falcons – 7 – The difference between Michael Turner’s 2007 and 2008 listed weights. I guess Red just isn’t a good color for him.

Seahawks v. Bills - :20 – The amount of game time that punter Brian Moorman was the Bills leading TD passer.

Jets v. Dolphins – 43 – Television share of the game in Milwaukee. You had to knew it would be Favre related.

Chiefs v. PatriotsCleet has this covered.

Buccaneers v. Saints – 163 – Total yards for Reggie Bush. He may not be a great RB, but he’s still a playmaker.

Jaguars v. Titans – 3 – Offensive linemen lost by the Jaguars in the last week, possibly all for the season.

Cowboys v. Browns – 17 – Months Pacman Jones was suspended before starting this week.

Panthers v. Chargers – 1 – Tackle for Shawne Merriman. Shawne wasn't even on the field for several key plays. Is this the contribution you're risking your career for?

Cardinals v. 49ers – 5 – Turnovers for the 49ers. They only lost by ten, I'm not sure if that's more of a good thing for them, or a bad thing for the Cardinals.

Colts v. Bears – 1 – play of more than twenty yards for the Colts. Could've been 0, because no one saw this game playing out this way.

Vikings v. Packers – 1x10^8 – Brett Favre references by Tony Kornheiser.

Broncos v. Raiders – 24 – Million dollars guaranteed to oft-toasted Deangelo Hall. 

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