Friday, September 12

Week 2 NFL Mr. Green Locks

It's time again for my NFL week 2 picks. Last week I was fairly decent, but not all that great. It would be like picking Mr. Green with the lead pipe in the library, but it actually being with the wrench in the study. Both are hard metal weapons and each room has books, but not quite spot on. My underdog picks of the Panthers and Bills were right, but I failed on the Texans and Raiders to win which begs the question, what was I thinking on those two?

Last week: 10-6
Season: 10-6

BUF at JAC: Bills- Roscoe'S moves and Trent's arm have made me a believer. Also helps when the Jags are down 4 O-linemen.

CHI at CAR: Panthers- Despite the history saying the Panthros will blow this one, they have a different air about them after watching them play San Diego. I expect a close one though.

TEN at CIN: Titans- If a Joe Flacco-led Ravens attack can take down the Bengals, I'm sure Kerry Collins can put the ball in the right hands. Carson Palmer never looked comfortable and while the Titans D is not as aggressive as the Ravens, they are just as stingy.

NO at WSH: Saints- Even with Colston down, Brees still has weapons and it appears Payton has found a place for Bush in the offense. I expect the Skins wont look as flat as last week, but they just won't be that good this year.

GB at DET: Packers- Lions laid a huge egg last week, and the Packers have the confidence on offense now to go along with the strong defense.

NYG at STL: Giants- I haven't met one person who thought St. Louis was going to when this game, but then again I don't know many people.

OAK at KC: Chiefs- I think the Raiders will be improved but I'm not going against the Cheifs in Arrowhead after what I saw from Kiffin and company at home on Monday.

IND at MIN: Vikings- Something is amiss with the Colts, awry even. I think APete goes buck wild and Peyton gets constant pressure.

SF at SEA: Seahawks- Can hardly be called righting the ship against the 49ers, but the Hawks get it done ugly.

ATL at TB: Falcons- Turner and Norwood get me excited and Ryan, er Blue Suede looked solid so I think the Bucs are going to find it ain't easy being Griese.

MIA at ARI: Cardinals- Yes, that's right, 2-0 Cardinals and Kurt Warner leading the way. If Hightower can be that solid back-up for Edge, things will be sweet in the Pink Taco this year.

NE at NYJ: Patriots- Until Matt Cassel shows me he can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, the Pats are still the team to beat in the AFC East in my opinion.

SD at DEN: Broncos- I predict a tailspin for the Chargers, much like the show that followed Ducktales...bears flying plains? Brilliant!

PIT at CLE: Steelers- The Browns will put up a good fight, but in the end just can't match the defense of the Steelers series for series.

PHI at DAL: Cowboys- I really think this game is a toss-up, but here's where not having completely polished receivers will hurt the Eagles.

BAL at HOU: Texans- I think we all know Houston is better than they showed against Pittsburg, Kubiak will get them on track in this one.

No, I will not be changing my Super Bowl pick of New England over Dallas but not because I think it will still happen, it is the way it goes and that was my pick before the season and the season has started.

Last week I referenced the theme song from Clue so I think every week I'll end with some fun fact about the movie. This week it is this little tidbit: In the original board game the maid character is named Mrs. White but in the movie Mrs. White is played by Madeline Kahn and is a nuclear physicist's husband and the maid is just called Yvette and is played by Colleen Camp and her suspect French accent, enjoy the games all.

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