Friday, September 19

Week 3 NFL Mr. Green Locks

Another 10 pick performance last week, if only the Vikings could have landed in the endzone, but hey I picked the Broncos and they got some help so I should not complain. This is the week where teams can either take a giant leap forward, fall way behind, or hold steady in the pack. Continue for my picks.

Last week: 10-5
Season: 20-11

ARI at WSH: Redskins- I honestly have no idea who is going to win this game. Arizona has looked good against two bad teams, but when do you feel comfortable trusting the Cardinals.

KC at ATL: Falcons- Picking the Falcons three weeks in a row makes me look retarded. Added to this is that I want Tyler Thigpen to represent Coastal Carolina well but I think Atlanta is the better bad team, make sense?

OAK at BUF: Bills-There is something special brewing in Orchard Park and I guess that means you can call Trent Edwards the brewmaster.

TB at CHI: Bears- Despite sliding off in the second half last week, the Bears are a solid football team and the longer Kyle Orton has practice time with the receivers, the better the passing game will get. The Chicago defense should be familiar with the passing of Brian Griese. They will need Devin Hester back soon though.

CAR at MIN: Panthers- Steve Smith is back, Gus Frerrote is in, Adrain Peterson is limpin, Panthers defense is hittin', so I say Carolina is winnin'.

HOU at TEN: Titans- Long lay-off hurts the Texans I think and the Tennessee defense will hold them down, meanwhile Kerry Collins gives the offense confidence....really?

CIN at NYG: Giants- In the immortal words of Owen Heart regarding Cincy: "enough is enough and its time for a change."

MIA at NE: Patriots- The Pats are so much weaker with Cassel, but the Dolphins are still the Dolphins and Joey Porter gave them some bulletin board

STL at SEA: Seahawks- If Seattle can't win this one, Mike Holmgren might as well retire now.

DET at SF: 49ers- When Matt Millen says its not time to panic, its time to riot in the streets of the motor city.

NO at DEN: Broncos- The loss at Washington has made me suspicious of the Saints. Why spend all those resources to get Jeremy Shockey if you are not going to use him. I expect a repeat performance from Denver's offense, sans blown fumble at the end.

JAC at IND: Colts- Popular pick of Jacksonville spiraling into the vortex of dashed expectaitions, eh Catfish?

CLE at BAL: Browns- Another game I am clueless on. Everything in me says take the Ravens, so like an idiot I'm taking Cleveland.

PIT at PHI: Eagles- Healthy Donavan vs. questionable Big Ben, Eagles win the battle of the Keystone state.

DAL at GB: Packers- Lambeau at night, place will be rocking and Rodgers has been brilliant so far. I believe the Packers defensive scheme will be more effective than the Eagles' one, but I suspect another shoot-out.

NYJ at SD: Jets- I see a hard-hitting, defensive game here with Favre pulling some play out of his ass in the 4th quarter and leading New York to a win by a field goal all the while Tony Kornhieser can't handle the Favre man-love in the booth. If you value sanity, keep the mute button on for this one.

This week's piece of Clue trivia is a juicy one: The final murder when the power goes out in the mansion is in the form of a singing telegram girl who promptly gets shot once the door opens. The girl is played by Jane Wiedlin who was the lead guitarist of the Go-Gos. Pretty damn sweet huh? Enjoy the games gang.

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