Sunday, October 5

6 Words: The Bobcats

Over at TWolvesblog they came up with the idea of describing each player in exactly six words. I became fascinated with the idea, and blatantly ripping their post I have come up with my own for the Bobcats. Hat Tip to BDL. Starting at the top...

Michael Jordan - Out of Office. Please leave message.

Larry Brown - Last coaching job. Legacy to Repair.

Starting Lineup
Raymond Felton - Not Deron or Paul, still good.
Jason Richardson - Nationally underrated, team's first All-Star?
Gerald Wallace - Plays hard. Gets Hurt. Misses twenty.
PF - Need one for fives! Anyone? Please?
Emeka Okafor - Fourteen and ten equals 72 million?

Nazr Mohammed - Second six foot ten inch center.
DJ Augustin - Quick distributor, development may prove critical.
Matt Carroll - Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Shoot some more. (Think Duke of Earl)
Jared Dudley - Makes the play the team needs.
Sean May - Microfracture surgery. Can he come Back?
Adam Morrison - His knee and defense must respond.
Alexis Ajinca - Tall and French like Frederic Weis (Cheap shot, but any excuse to link that video I'm going to take).

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Cleet said...

For Sean May I would have gone with: Five dollar Footlong? Be right back.