Thursday, October 9

Sklar Brothers Back on Topps

With each passing year, the internet sees higher and higher quality exclusive content being produced (our blog aside). This summer the Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog was pure geeky gold, and now some of my favorite comedians, Jason and Randy Sklar, best known for their work on ESPN's Cheap Seats, have their own web series, Back On Topps. There have already been three episodes which can all be viewed at the site and the series is slated to have 25 in total. New five minute(ish) episodes come out every Tuesday and Thursday. For anyone that appreciates obscure references to Don Slaught's hair stylings, I definitely recommend checking it out, and if you are forgetful you can subscribe.

Link: In light of the re-surfacing of trading cards, here's a list of the fifteen funniest baseball cards. I guess this one didn't qualify because it's more ironic than funny.

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