Friday, October 17

Comebacks: You Don't Know [Blank]

I'll admit it, I was anticipating the Rays defeating the Red Sox, so I held off on YDKB so I could do a Tampa/Philly version. Well "Eva" Longoria's throw to first has thrown a monkey in the wrench, so instead we'll take a look at great comebacks. Click the full article for answers, as well as the BCS-approved scoring system. Post you score in the comments, and Cleet will send you a wonderful surprise from our weekly trip to the local Great Wall restaurant. It could be mints, a fortune cookie, a coy, who knows?

Without further adieu, in the immortal words of [That Was Me], "Don't call it a comeback, I been here for years."

This year has already been a great year for comebacks. The New York Giants used a 4th quarter comeback to win the Super Bowl for the first time since [XXXX].In college basketball, the Kansas Jayhawks were down nine with 2:12 left in the game, but managed to tie the Memphis Tigers thanks to a [the superintendent] 3-pointer with 2.1 seconds remaining in regulation. The Jayhawks would go on to win in overtime 75-68. Game 4 of the NBA finals had the Boston Celtics storm back from 24 points down in the 2nd quarter to win the game by six on their way to the franchise's [####] title. During the Olympics, the years greatest comeback came in the 400-meter freestyle relay, when American [Have you forgotten] emerged from the water like a sea monster to overtake Frenchman [Weekend At]. Later in the Olympics the world would get a chance to see another great comeback as Michael Phelps caught [He's Serbian] on the final "half-stroke" of the [Kisses for me]. In the NFL, we've seen the Colts score 21 points in just over two minutes to come back on the Texans (sorry, no easy questions here).

Other great comebacks in history:
On January 3rd, 1993 the Buffalo Bills trailed the [they've moved] by 32 points. Led by quarterback [not Jimmy], the Bills scored 28 third-quarter points and would eventually force overtime. In OT, Bills cornerback [Not Davids] had a crucial interception to set up the game-winning field goal. With the win the Bills went to their third of four straight Super Bowls.

March 2nd, 1974 saw one of the most storied comebacks in college basketball history, as the University of North Carolina scored [X] points in seventeen seconds to tie the game against Duke, and the Tarheels completed the comeback winning 96-92 in overtime. The most memorable play from the game saw current NBA GM [lalalalala] fire an inbounds pass to then freshman [Old School Bus] at half court, from where he took three dribbles and fired up a 30-foot shot that banked in to tie the game.

With so many "Fenway Faithful" filing out early on games three and four, I'd be remissed not to mention one of the all-time great fans leaving the park games. In game one of the 1988 World Series, the LA Dodgers sent rookie [BURPPPP] to the mound, while the A's sent their ace, the intimidating [scariest since Gibson]. The rookie pitcher was pulled after just two innings, after giving up a grand slam to [needle me this]. LA trailed Oakland 4-3 heading into the ninth. With two outs Eck issued a walk to pinch hitter [Like Chavis]. Batting for the winning pitcher to-be [Cousin of Tony?], Kirk Gibson limped to the plate and won the game for the Dodgers off a 3-2 backdoor slider. It was almost like he knew it was coming. Please put your pencils down and turn your papers over until they are collected.

Answers Below

1. LL Cool J
2. 1990
3. Mario Chalmers
4. 17th
5. Michael Lezak
6. Alain Bernard
7. Milorad Cavic
8. 100 meter Butterfly
9. Houston Oilers
10. Frank Reich
11. Nate Odomes
12. 8
13. Mitch Kupchak
14. Walter Davis
15. Tim Belcher
16. Jose Canseco
17. Mike Davis
18. Alejandro Pena

0-3: Jeff Capel's halfcourt shot which won nothing
4-6: Doug Flutie's overrated Hail Mary
7-9: The Drive
10-12: The Band is on the Field!
13-15: 2004 ALCS
16-18: Teen Wolf's "Win in the End"

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