Thursday, October 23

Miami Hurricanes: The Keys to Success

Catfish enjoyed poking fun at me for some former Canes' shortfalls in the NFL. Here is a list of the the top 10 Hurricanes in the NFL, courtesy of The Love of Sports. There are some good facts about the U's representation in the NFl as well, like a former Hurricane has scored a TD in each of the last 83 regular season weeks.

Remember when business was done over a beer and a handshake? Well that's how we were introduced to The Love of Sports. Last night I went to have some drinks with a friend of mine since it was her birthday and had a nice chat over some beers with one of her friends, who happens to be the brother of Mad Love who writes for the site. He told me about this article and about the site overall and it has been added to our links list. Be sure to check it out it is a very well done site and has some great content.

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