Thursday, October 23

Week 8 Mr. Green Locks

I'm posting my NFL picks a day early because I will be heading down to Miami this weekend for Wake Forest-Miami game. A week ago was my best week in awhile, but still not that great of a performance on my NFL picks last week. What I thought were sure picks like Indy, Dallas, and the Jets kept me from a great week. What games will I fudge this week? Continue on to find out.

Last Week: 9-5
Season: 60-42

OAK at BAL: Ravens- The Raiders got a win over the Jets thanks to the big boot of Sebastian last week, but heading to the east coast and facing the Ravens D might lead to a 6,3, or 0 point performance.

ARI at CAR: Panthers- A game between two teams that can reverse their level of play week to week. The 1:00 start helps the Panthers and so does the fact that unlike other years, they are strong at home this year(5-0).

TB at DAL: Bucs- Be prepared for many shots of a frustrated Jerry Jones on the sidelines or up in the box during this game. Gruden may be familiar with how to stop Brad Johnson after the success they had together. Just look to how bad he made Gannon look in the Super Bowl.

WSH at DET: Redskins- The Redskins have looked very shaky ever since they won consecutively in Dallas and Philly, but seriously, are the Lions going to be picked in any game they have left? That being said I give Orlovsky credit for showing some fight last week and I do think the Lions will catch someone sleeping before the end of the season, I just won't be picking it.

BUF at MIA: Dolphins- What used to be a yawn-fest will actually be a competitive game with AFC East implications. I think Sporano and crew right the ship this week.

STL at NE: Patriots- The Patriots are being decimated by injuries, but again, no one else in the league cares. You would think before the season started and even after Brady went down, the Rams would have no chance in this game, but after the last two weeks it will be no cake-walk. That being said, a hobbled Stephen Jackson helps the Pats' chances.

SD at NO: Chargers- The Saints are going to miss Reggie Bush badly in this game and the NFL misses out on a chance to showcase him to the English. I am not a fan of this game but I also don't subscribe to whining about the miles traveled by the teams. The Charges need a win, and so far they have picked one up everytime they needed one this season. That sound you here is the analysts leaping from the Saints bandwagon.

ATL at PHI: Eagles- Another compelling match-up of a avian variety. Matt Ryan has shown he has the stuff, but Jim Johnson is going to release the hounds and that will be enough to force some crucial turnovers. Odds on seeing a Eagles-Phillies half and half jersey? 3:1

KC at NYJ: Jets- Farve can deny all he wants, but if Jay Glazer told me he had inside info on the color of an NFL player's underwear, I would trust him. Still, the Chiefs are wallowing in incompitence and the injuries at QB don't help. Jets roll, and roll big.

CLE at JAC: Jaguars- The Browns has risen the level of their play, but it was painful watching them try to muster a tie against the Redskins last week. The Jags are coming off a bye week and should be ready to go and make a run at a playoff spot.

CIN at HOU: Texans- The Texans are quietly closing in on respectability and Andre Johnson is a big reason why. The man can play the position, no doubt and as long as Schaub can sling it, he'll catch it. Somewhere, Duke is yelling at Carson Palmer in Rocky fashion, "Stay down Carson, stay down!"

NYG at PIT: Steelers- I do think the Giants will put a hurt on Big Ben, but New York has looked off-kilter the last couple of weeks. It should be a great game to watch and I'm sure all the Pittsburgh fans at the Ketchup bottle will be ready to go.

SEA at SF: 49ers- For Mike Singletary's first game, they have rolled out an easy one for him. The Seahawks are the walking wounded right now. I definitely do not think it will be pretty, but it will be a win.

IND at TEN: Titans- People are talking about the Titans, but this will be their official coming out party. Peyton better watch himself because I have a feeling Haynesworth and Van DenBosch are out for blood.

It's Clue fun factoid time and to be honest, I don't know if I can through 17 of these plus the playoffs but today we focus on Lesley Ann Warren. She played Miss Scarlet in the film and in the movie her character was the madam of a D.C. house of ill repute. Again when I watched this movie over and over again as a kid, I had no idea what that was but I kind of got the idea. Warren has had a long list of roles in her career, including Lula in Stone Country. You know Stone Country, it is the George Strait movie CMT plays all the time, ok maybe you don't watch CMT. Lately she has been working in TV as Jinx in "In Plain Sight", Tina in "Will and Grace" and Sophie in "Desperate Housewives". Enjoy the weekend and the games all.

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