Tuesday, October 28

College Basketball Trivia Answers Being Waived

A lot of NBA cuts have been going on as team's trim their roster in preparation for the new season. Several college standouts have again found themselves unable to make the transition. Some of the notables:

Gerry McNamara - Consistent and not at all overrated (NSFW), Big East Tournament legend, waived by the Utah Jazz.
Patrick Ewing Jr. - Listed to link this dunk performance, waived by New York Knicks.
Keith Van Horn's contract - once again out of the league, waived by New Jersey Nets.
Julius Hodge - ACC standout and Chris Paul crotch punch victim, waived by New Jersey Nets.
Chris Richard - 6th Man from Florida's National Championship team, got Derrick Coleman hungry not KG hungry, waived by Minnesota Timberwolves.
Matt Freije - Leader of Vandy's Sweet sixteen run, waived by Milwaukee Bucks.
Nick Fazekas - Led Nevada to four straight NCAA tournaments often wrecking brackets by failing to advance after making Sweet Sixteen his freshman year, waived by Denver Nuggets.

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