Friday, October 3

Week 5 NFL Mr. Green Locks

A less than stellar week on my picks last week has left me determined to go perfect this week. I finished 6-7, very dissapointing. I'm calling my shot I'm not going to miss one pick, lead pipe in the lounge lock it. It's like the scene in White Men Can't Jump where Billy is asking Gloria to play one more game and says he will guarentee victory. Of course since there is no recourse if I miss a pick, don't hold me too strongly to being right. Let's go to the picks.

Last week: 6-7
Season: 36-24

TEN at BAL: Titans- A reprisal of the hard-nosed, entertaining play-rivalry these two have had in the last 10 years. Should be just as hard hitting as the Pittsburgh/Baltimore Monday night game. I think the Titans just have more to offer on offense than the Ravens.

KC at CAR: Panthers- Classic trap game for the Panthers, but the way the offense was clicking last week, it seems they finally have a balanced attack again. Steve Smith is like the Juggernaut(bitch), let him get a head of steam and will be unstoppable. However, Smitty did ot make his helmet in the 4th grade. The Chiefs did prove last week they actually can win though, and it is on the Panthers D to stop LJ early.

SD at MIA: Chargers- The Dolphins have had a week to rest and no doubt they will again bring out the single wing/wingle flipper/wild dolphin/Flipper on meth formation that had so much success against the Patriots. If the Chargers defense is smart(cough) they will be ready for it. I expect the Dolphins to be in this game until the very end, but San Diego should be able to outscore them in the end.

WAS at PHI: Redskins- You're asking a lot of a team to go back-to-back weeks on the road against teams of the caliber of Dallas and Philly, but I doubted the 'Skins last week and they showed me something. If their secondary plays like it did against Dallas and factoring in that the Eagles have no Jason Witten, I think the Redskins come away with a win and the Eagles become the best 2-3 team in history.

IND at HOU: Colts- Houston is staring 0-4 in the face, but it could be worse if not for the hurricane they could be staring 0-5 in the face. The Colts are always played tough by the Texans and Houston actually did play well last week against the Jags, but Peyton will find a way, and the week of rest is exactly what they needed.

SEA at NYG: Giants- If they haven't already, some Giants fans will be stroking their facial hair and thinking, "if we can just get by Dallas and Washington twice, we will go unbeaten!" Of course, this rationale is ridiculous, but then again I know a few Giant fans. Even without Plaxico, the running game is going to overpwoer a Seattle team that has really fallen below expectations. Mike Holmgren could rally the troops for a late season surge, but they traded for Keary Colbert...I'll give you a moment to let that sink in as to where their team stands.

ATL at GB: Packers- If you're going to have Aaron Rodgers miss a game, this would be a choice one. It's time for the Green bay running game to make some plays, this should not all be on the Packers' QB, especially with that defense. If the Falcons win this game, it is going to be hysteria in Wisconsin Sunday night, the cows might give sour milk.

CHI at DET: Bears- Are you ready for post-Matt Millen football? I know the Lions are! But getting rid of the guy that caused a lot of your problems doesn't get rid of your problems. A heavy dose of Matt Forte with a splash of neckbeard should secure this one for Chicago.

TB at DEN: Bucs- Griese returns to another stadium that spurned his services, and I forsee a duplication of when he went to Chicago. Except the Bucs will wisely run the ball more. Denver has been awful on defense and there is no reason Earnest Graham won't duplicate what Larry Johnson did last week.

BUF at ARI: Bills- I don't think the Cardinals can play mistake proof football consistently. This is their chance to bounce back and prove me wrong and do it against a good football team.

NE at SF: Patriots- I don't know how artistic it will be, but I believe the Pats will survive this game. Belichick has no doubt been riding the defense hard for their performance against the Dolphins and I think he knows how to make adjustments and where to make them. The 49ers are playing better than last year and I expect them to be in the game late. Finally, the epic J.T. O'Sullivan/Matt Cassel QB match-up.

CIN at DAL: Cowboys- Cowyboys team that knows they can game plan better than they did last week, Chad Johnson shooting off his mouth about his 0-4 Bengals team, yeah this one won't be close.

PIT at JAC: Jaguars- The battle of attrition is going to leave the Steelers hobbling by Week 14. Signing Davenport is a nice move, but the Jags D are no cupcakes. The Steelers got a gift from the Ravens on Monday night, don't expect the same thing from the Jags on a short week.

MIN at NO: Saints- With the way Brees and the Saints offense is paying, I don't expect the Vikings defense to be able to bail out the Vikings lack of TD scoring in this one. The Saints have now found Lance Moore, another former FCS receiver that can make plays also Deuce is returning and the more weapons the Saints have, the more effective Bush becomes.


It's Clue fun-fact time again. This week we look at Martin Mull, who played Colonel Mustard. Mull was a bit rotund in the movie although in his later roles he would slim down. His true passion is art and he even wrote a book called "Painting, Drawing, and the World". Have a great weekend everyone, if there is any communicae over the weekend, it will be from the sharp eye and razor wit of Catfish.

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