Monday, October 27

Slow Start/ Week Ahead

Having gotten back from the my trip to Miami last night and being back in the office today I am in recovery mode. So from my end, it will be a quiet day but I will be back tomorrow with my De-Cleeting, a story from my Miami trip, and some thoughts on college football. Later this week I will update our conference fantasy football competition (I know you have been crying out for it), and discuss the World Series, which might be over tonight. I haven't spoken to Catfish as of yet so maybe his weekend was as good as mine. Lastly, don't forget to chime in on which NHL team we will be adopting this season. Today is the last day to vote.

EDITOR'S NOTE: My computer's hard drive blew up last night so there will be even more of a delay until I figure out what to do. This basically means my ability to post is directly proportional to the amount of work I have to do at the office. Hopefully Catfish will pick up my slack for the near future.

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Catfish said...

How is this different from other weeks?