Wednesday, October 29

My Hero is Missing

Earlier this week when I beseeched my fellow Charlotteans to embrace our Bobcats, I had no idea how quickly my points would prove out.

On Saturday, the Bobcats held their second annual My Hero Gala. The party served as a fundraiser for the Presbyterian Hospital Community Care Cruiser, a mobile health clinic that provides comprehensive primary and preventive medical care to un- and underinsured youth. The event was emceed by ESPN's Linda Cohn, Director of Player Development Dell Curry as well as ALL of the players and coaches were in attendance. There were two members of the Bobcats organization conspicuously absent...

Bob Johnson, "was called away at the last minute for undisclosed reasons." MJ was just a no show. I headed over to the Bobcats website, and while I did find information about Adam Morrison's new haircut, there was no mention of the gala. Under Community Relations it's listed as an upcoming event, and this .pdf file has information about the program. This .pdf outlines the cost of attending, but the contact listed is no longer with the organization. Compare this coverage with last year's photo gallery and write-up. The story outlines a tremendous relationship between the team and the hospital.

The effects of the budget and job cuts for the Bobcats are becoming clear. Even on nights when the players and coaches show up to do raise money for the community, there is no one to chronicle the event or to make the public aware. The lone mention in the local newspaper was by the pop culture writer. Based on the brochure Deloitte shelled out $25,000 to be the "presenting partner," but got no mention on the team's website or the local newspaper for their efforts. It's not hard to wonder why businesses in the area aren't rushing to partner with this team.

Shortly after being awarded the new Charlotte franchise, Bob Johnson was asked about how to build a "good standing relationship with the fans." He responded, "...We have to demonstrate to the citizens of Charlotte that we are committed to the community..." It's clear that several people in the organization are, but as for the two most prominent owners, they're not.

Congratulations, a thank you and a tip of the cap are in order for education advocate Sue Gorman, healthcare provider and medical missionary Dr. Ophelia Garmon-Brown and youth mentor Dell Curry, who all received My Hero Gala Awards in honor of their contributions to the Charlotte community.

News Release from Presbyterian Hospital about the event.

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K-Man said...

Stuff like that is a reason to really love the Bobcats, but when the people of Charlotte have no idea about these good deeds they do, it is no wonder why this team is hated so much in this city. Bob Johnson should look at not just cost cutting but looking at how to spend his money wisely. If you spend a little more to promote a Charitable event, you might see more on your return when people start believing that this team wants to be part of the Charlotte Community. Just like the Charlotte Hornets.