Saturday, October 11

Week 6 NFL Mr. Green Locks

I know this post usually goes up on Friday but due to an extremely busy day at work that was impossible. So instead I sit here on a Saturday morning picking my NFL games tomorrow instead of laying in bed half awake with cottonmouth wondering how long I can lay there until I have to go to the bathroom and consequently wake up. My call for a perfect week last week was gone pretty quick into last week although this week I was able to stay above .500. I was particularly happy with my Redskins pick and thoroughly disappointed with my San Diego pick. Let’s take a look at my picks for this week’s games…shall we?

Last Week: 8-6
Season: 44-30

STL at WSH: Redskins- After the tough road trip the ‘Skins have a relatively easy home stand coming up in which they could realistically be 7-1 halfway through. The Jim Haslett era begins for the Rams, and sir I say good luck to you.

MIA at HOU: Dolphins- Sometimes the illusion of confidence can still represent confidence. The Dolphins are no longer an automatic win for opponents and they have no sympathy for the winless Texans.

DET at MIN: Vikings- After escaping the Superdome with a victory Monday Night, the Vikes should return to .500 against the Lions. Last year losing to the Lions was bad, this year it would be considered an embarrassment. Adrian Peterson last year followed his bad games with ridiculous ones, I’m calling at least 175 on the ground for A-Pete.

OAK at NO: Saints- I doubt Al Davis is going to be any happier with Tom Cable than he was with Lane Kiffin as far as results go, but as long as he can phone down a play or two, Al should be happy. It’s not the losing Al wasn’t happy with it was the lies that went “in the past weeks, and months, and a year.” I honestly have no clue how the Raiders players get in the right mental frame of mind except to tell each other let’s win this for us and screw Davis and management. Considering the type of players the Raiders have drafted and signed, I highly doubt it.

CAR at TB: Panthers- This game is huge, but it isn’t everything. If the Panthers win they get a 2 game lead in the division with 10 to go so it does not seal it. However, the Bucs definitely do not want to fall that far behind and if the Panthers have another great performance on both sides of the ball they could start to be mentioned among the NFC elite. These two teams have one of the most underrated rivalries in the NFL.. The game is always hard-hitting and competitive no matter where the teams are in the standings. From Julius Peppers rupturing Chris Simms’ spleen to last second victories this has always been a fun game to watch and this week should be no different.

JAC at DEN: Broncos- After the Jags thought they had everything figured out they got beat by the Steelers Sunday night. The Broncos showed they can win ugly last week against Tampa Bay and as long as they don’t turn the ball over(too cliché?) they should get the win at home.

CIN at NYJ: Jets- Ryan Fitzpatrick, I salute your confidence, but the Jets are coming off a bye and Favre is more than likely gonna light your secondary up.

BAL at IND: Colts- The Colts have been finding ways to win to get to 2-2 and the Ravens have found ways to lose to get to 2-2. I suspect the Ravens will hold a 6-3 lead until the 4th quarter when a busted coverage following a personal foul penalty by the Ravens leads to a Reggie Wayne winning TD.

CHI at ATL: Bears- This is a tough one to pick because the Falcons looked good on offense last week but against a banged up defense and the Bears looked good on offense last week, but it was against the Lions. I’m picking this one based on the Bears having a better defense than the Falcons, but it should be close.

PHI at SF: Eagles- I have no reason to root for McNabb other than the fact that I respect him and all he has gone through at Philly. Getting booed for Philly not taking Ricky Williams(good call!) then suffering through those first couple of seasons when he had nothing around him, all the way to injuries and the Super Bowl loss/Owens fall out. McNabb went vocal this week and I think it will get the Eagles through this week, but will the Eagles ever see a healthy McNabb and Westbrook through a season? I also like Mike Nolan, and his 49er teams have always played hard for him, but whether it’s personnel or just bad breaks, it looks like another losing season for him and most likely his last in San Francisco.

GB at SEA: Seahawks- Seattle is decimated with injuries, but so is Green Bay. If you’re going to have a 3rd string QB start, it’s not too bad for it to be Charlie Frye. Of course I say this now, but then there Woodson will be tomorrow streaking down the sideline for a pick-6. If I am right about this game, it is officially panic time in Wisconsin.

Dallas at ARI: Cardinals- Yes I’m going out on a limb for this one. If Boldin is out that really hurts the Cards, but Steve Breaston has been solid for them so far. The Cowboys have been in a haze the last two weeks so if the Cards get up early, it should continue. The atmosphere should be rowdy in the Pink Taco and with Terrence Newman out of commission; some 3 WR sets should be effective.

NE at SD: Chargers- No this is not a typo, I am picking against my team. This is another back-against-the-wall game for the Chargers and it’s at home and against a team that they loathe. Matt Cassel should have at least 3 picks if not more; Cromartie is not going to stand for him staring down receivers and like A-Pete, LT usually follows his bad games with good ones. If Belichick pulls this one off, you can’t help but tip your hat to him.

NYG at CLE: Giants- I mentioned last week that Giant fans would start undefeated talk after they beat Seattle and I’m sure some have, But objective people just look at playing Dallas and Philly twice and at Washington and say no chance. I suspect it will get so ugly Brady Quinn will come into the game and Tony will try to drag Jaws and Tirico into a discussion about politics and the locker room. This is why I hate the hype machine, this should not be an issue, so Brady Quinn supports McCain, so what? He was not prancing around the Browns’ locker room in Republican tights(to my knowledge) he was just at a rally supporting the candidate he wants to win, away from the field, locker room, practice field, training center and press conferences.

For the Clue factoid for this week we turn to Tim Curry who played Wadsworth. In the third ending he turns out to be Mr. Body but gets shot in the hall by Mr. Green, with the revolver. Curry has had quite an interesting film history. Some prefer to remember him as the transvestite in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I like to remember his performances in The Hunt for Red October and of course, Muppet Treasure Island. Is it just me or do the Muppet movies and Muppets in general rule? Anyway, enjoy the games and remember: no politics at the dinner table.

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