Wednesday, October 29

Soulja Roy > Duke

Late Night with Roy was held in Chapel Hill on Friday and the Dookies blue envy is already in mid-season swing. This from The Duke Chronicle:

"After the whole team came out dressed in Carolina blue formalwear and did a number to Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Hello Detroit" (the home of this year's Final Four), after watching senior guard Bobby Frasor star in six filmed sketches lampooning his Hall of Fame coach, after seeing the custom T-shirts with Roy's face blown up huge and donning sunglasses that said "Soulja Roy," I felt this gnawing, longing feeling.

I wanted to be able to celebrate Duke basketball like this. Why should Tar Heel fans have all the fun?"

"Late Night with Roy made me feel as if I wanted to be a Tar Heel, I can't even imagine what recruits must have thought." Full Article

Much thanks to Jr. Swole, or as he's called on the mean courts of the local YMCA, Hogg. He provided the pic (mediocre as it is) and conceptualized The Soulja Roy idea for the festivities.


Taylor said...

Must have been a pretty good show to get that kind of response from a Dukie. What are we going to hear next? John McCain tell Obama he actually has good ideas

Cleet said...