Wednesday, October 22

Improving the NFL Drive Summary

When the networks broadcast NFL games we're presented with floating cameras, graphics super-imposed on the field, 360-degree rotating replays, and countless other features. After a scoring drive, however, viewers are greeted with a drive summary that very closely resembles this...

There has to be a better solution. The graphic makes the drive appear to be one long play and presents minimal information. There has to be a better way...

My draft version of the proposed new drive summary lacks the aesthetics needed for a network broadcast, but look beyond the artistic ineptitude to the information provided. This drive was taken from this past Sunday's Lions/Texans game and contains far more information for the viewers. The impact of two fifteen yard penalties instantly becomes apparent as well as the number of third down conversions for the Lions. At the top each first down pickup is shown, and even losses can be seen.

My proposed changes are by no means perfect and would require tweaking (at the very least artistically), but with all of the production that goes into each football game there must be a better way to do the drive summary. It's only a small piece and more of a nuisance than a necessity, but still something that merits attention. This weekend when you watch football and the ridiculous drive summary pops up, I bet you can't help but think it could be improved.

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