Thursday, October 2

Alma Mater Conference Fantasia Week 4: Bye-ing Time

We have reached the first week of byes in our fantasy football experiment of experiments. It hurts some conferences to have the bye week enter the equation, particularly those that are short on the roster to begin with. Let's take a look at how week 4 shaped up.

SEC 164
Big Ten 177

The SEC had its win-streak snapped by a big effort from a few Big Ten stars. Jason Campbell(Auburn) and Earnest Graham(Florida) were the high scorers with 17 for the SEC. Tennessee alums had a good week, much better than the school did on the field with Jason Witten and Robert Meachem each scoring 15, and Albert Haynesworth and Gibril Wilson adding 9 and 11 on defense respectively. First time scorers in the SEC line-up were Matt Jone(Arkansas) and Deuce(Ole Miss) but it was not enough to overtake the Big Ten.

Drew Brees(Purdue) lead the Big Ten at QB with 26 points. Muhsin Muhammed(Mich St) had a 20 point effort for the Panthers and Steve Breaston(Michigan) beat out his fellow Wolverine Braylon Edwards to earn a spot with 12 points. The high score of the week goes to Larry Johnson(Penn State) who went off for 30 points this week helping KC get their first win. Lamar Woodley(Michigan) also gets a nod for scoring the highest on defense with 19.5. The Big Ten is now 3-1 in our league.

ACC 179
Big XII 78

The ACC remained unblemished thanks great performances and of course, a lot of help from the U. Matt Schaub(Virginia) outscored Phillip Rivers(NC State) who had been atop the ACC QB position for the first three weeks. Schaub had 26 in the Texans loss, but Laverneus Coles(Florida St) had 28 to lead all the ACC. The crew from the U (Miami for the lay people) included Frank Gore with 14, Edgerrin James with 19, Santanna Moss with 14, Devin Hester with 9, Greg Olsen with 9, and Ray Lewis with 7 on defense. If you throw in Portis' score, the U could beat the Big XII single-handedly.

Just not a good year for Big XII alums in the NFL as a conference. Adrian Peterson(Oklahoma) had 21 and Correll Buckhalter(Nebraska) had 15, but the only other player in double figures was safety Michael Lewis(Colorado).

FCS 113

The FCS edged again, they just can't catch a break. Tony Romo(E. Illinois) had 23 which is jsut fine with Terrell Owens(Chattanooga) who had 14. Another Cowboy, Miles Austin(Monmouth) had 10 and kicker Rob Bironas(Georgia Southern) had 12 for the Titans. FCS had a scorer at each position which our blended conference team did not but they still pulled out the victory

For our MWACBELTIND team Jake Delhomme(LA-Lafayette) had 19 points and his Panthers teammate Steve Smith(Utah) had 15. LT(TCU) got back into form with 23 and Arnaz Battle(Notre Dame) resurfaced for 12. The other double digit scorers were Josh Scobee(La Tech) with 12 and Kevin Payne(LA-Monroe) with 11.

Pac Ten 121
MAC 122.5

The MAC stuns previously unbeaten Pac Ten with a few players with spectacular performances. Greg Jennings(W. Mich) and Lance Moore(Toledo) both had 22 at the WR position. Kevin Walter(E. Michigan) also had a big day at WR with 19. Antonio Gates(Kent St) had 11, kicker Shaun Suisham had 15 and James Harrison(Kent St) just loves the MNF games, he had 15.5. The MAC showed what you need to beat the big boys, just a lot of big performances from the alums you do have and that's what they got.

The Pac Ten contrastly, got average performances from many different players. Trent Edwards(Stanford) got 12 at the QB position. Oregon State had a great week not only by beating USC but its alums faired pretty well in the NFL; Ocho Cinco had 10, Steven Jackson had 24 and Housh had 5. It was a flat effort all around though as they did not mass enough to beat the MAC.

Conf USA 115
Big East 101

Conference USA pulled to .500 against the struggling Big East. Brett Favre(Southern Miss) had the highest score in the league with 34 thanks to his 6 TD passes. Chris Johnson(E. Carolina) had a big day with 19 while Donnie Avery(Houston) had 12. Matt Forte(Tulane) has been a pleasant surprise for the Bears and Conference USA, he had 10. Even Isaac Bruce(Memphis) had a solid day with 10.

The Big East had a bunch of no shows this week which cost them. McNabb(Cuse) had 13 but the high scorer was Steve Slaton(W. Virginia) who had 17 and is establishing himself down in Houston. Michael Bush(Louisville) is also emerging in Oakland with his back-to-back strong performances, this week he had 12. Trent Cole(Cincinnati) had 13 on defense, Keith Bullock(Cuse) had 6 and Eric Reevis(Pitt) had 15 (and a suspension) so defense is obviously not the problem with the Big East, they just need more offense.

Here are the standings after four weeks:

ACC 4-0
Big Ten 3-1
Pac Ten 3-1
Conf USA 2-2
SEC 2-2
Big East 1-3
Mac 1-3
FCS 0-4
Big XII 0-4

Week 5 Match-ups:
ACC vs Big Ten
FCS vs. Big XII
Conf USA vs. Pac Ten

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