Wednesday, October 15

Miami Tight Ends: The keys to Success

2002: Giants draft Jeremy Shockey
2002, 2005, 2006: Giants make playoffs but never win one game.
2007: Shockey breaks fibula, Giants go onto win Super Bowl XLII without him.

2006: Bears represent NFC in Super Bowl XLI.
2007: Bears draft Miami tight end Greg Olsen.
2007: Bears finish last in the NFC North.

2003: Kellen Winslow joins US Army to become a soldier
2003: War in Iraq goes from Mission Accomplished to Middle Eastern quagmire.
2008: Browns mired in 1-3 start, only win against the hapless Bengals.
2008: K II out with mysterious illness.
2008: Browns play like they're "hot fire" and defeat unbeaten New York Giants.



S. Evans said...

You can't spell underachieving without the "U".

Cleet said...

First off, thanks Cat for posting that under my name. Secondly, Shockey was on the '01 national championship team for the Canes before he was drinking in the luxury suite in Glendale. I'm sure it was Greg Olsen and not Rex Grossman and Cedric Benson that caused the offensive problems for the Bears last year. As far as K II goes, I'm sure you never did anything stupid in college right? Wow, what an underachieving program; 5(should be 7) national titles and more alumni than any other college represented in the NFL...yep that spells underachieving.

Kelly said...

Wow, sounds like the "U's" alums are just as whiny as Ohio State fans and alums. It's OK that the U is not represented well in the NFL at tight end. I've learned to deal with the fact that most Penn State tailbacks have been busts. And listen to yourself Cleet, "...5(should be 7) national titles..." You sound like an ugly high school girl who is mad because she didn't get asked to the prom because there were a few girls better looking than her. Penn State has been jobbed out of more national titles than Miami, but you don't here me complaining. 5 times in the last 43 years Penn State has gone undefeated and only has 2 national titles (one of which came on a one loss season). Just man up and admit that Hurricane tight ends don't transition to the NFL too well.

Post Script - I think K II's "undisclosed illness" was a bout with chlamydia.

K-Man said...

Kelly get ready for a 6th. Because of Ohio State, the only way Penn State will get into a National Title Game is etheir every team in the SEC and Big 12 have two losses or more or USC looses again and all but 1 team in the SEC and Big 12 have 2 losses or more. I don't even think if Penn State has an avg margin of victory of 20+ pts a game here on out they could get in as an undefeated team. Side note this does include the fact they beat Oregon State and USC didn't saying USC gets in over them. Thank You Ohio State for being 0 for life against the SEC!!!

Kelly said...

Thank you for that prediction, Ms. Cleo. I mean Cleet. Can you fake a Jamaican accent for me? Regardless, Catfish and I have discussed this fact at length. I will admit that Penn State does not have a very strong schedule this year. I would not be surprised at all if Penn State is the only undefeated team from the 6 major conferences and gets left out. I will burn down Miles Brand's house if this happens, but I will not be surprised. The point of my post was not to point out that Miami sucks, it was just to point out to you, that you sounded like a little crying because you dropped your ice cream cone.

Cleet said...

I guess it's too much to ask Penn State fans to read carefully, but the post above you was from "k-man" not me. I actually like Penn State and am rooting for them this year. And the fact that you brought up the national titles that you guys got hosed on just proves it bothers you as well. This is college football, almost every school has had years when they get jobbed out of a title.

Miami does suck this year and for the last 3 years I don't deny that. I'm not going to say because Shockey and K II are not panning out well that ALL Miami TEs don't transition well. I think Olsen is going to be good and had a TD catch yesterday. Excuse me if I don't make broad sweeping statements from 2 pieces of good evidence out of all the tight ends we have ever had.

Your ugly girl analogy doesn't make since. If we are ugly, then we at least have gotten banged 5 times, and should have gotten 7, but maybe there were prettier girls?

So no I won't fake an accent for you becuase I didn't make that comment, but I will say when someone takes a shot at your school, I think you should allowed to come to its defense. Good luck to the Lions this week, beat the Buckeyes and you can cut down the Canes all you want.

Kelly said...

My mistake cleet. Apparently an education at penn state does not include learning to read.

Cleet said...

All good, like I said, beat Ohio State and I will refrain from posting: Penn State Running Backs: The Keys to success featuring Kijana Carter, Curtis Enis, and Larry Johnson hittin' up on the women.