Tuesday, October 14

ASD Defined: Resign

People often facetiously declare that if you open up a dictionary you'll see a picture of Bobby Petrino next to the entry for "slime sucking bottom-dweller" or a photo of Paul Newman accompanying the definition of "cool." Well, instead of just joking about it, we've decided to actually do it. Without further ado, the first entry in the new ASD dictionary (which blatantly "borrows" from Webster).

Resign (ri zīn) vt. [ME resignen < MFr resigner < L resignare < re-, back + signare, to SIGN] 1. to give up possession; relinquish (a claim, etc.) 2. to give up (an office, position, etc.) -- vi. To give up an office, position of employment, etc., esp. by formal notice: often with from --resign oneself (to) to submit or become reconciled (to); accept (something) passively

1. Watching his team play, a look of resignation came across Tommy’s face.
2. After a pitiful showing at Wake Forest, Tommy appeared resigned to his fate.
3. To the delight of his players, Tommy was forced to resign.

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