Wednesday, October 22

Judging DJ Augustin

With only one pre-season game remaining, it's time to look at the Bobcats' first round pick, DJ Augustin. I described him as my nightmare pick, but later started sipping the corporate lemonade. The hype coming in was that DJ could be the distributing PG to Raymond's score first mentality. Has that been the case? Let's take a look...

Looking first at his totals for each game, we see that he's had more assists than points in one game. Even more significantly, DJ's FG% is a paltry 24% at this time and he's only hit four 3-pointers total, at a rate of only 19%.

Looking at his per minute stats a few good signs emerge. Only once has he had more turnovers than assists and the low level of turnovers (typically 2-3 per game) shows he knows how to take care of the ball. At his current rate, he'd average 8 assists per 48 minutes, which would have put him as the 21st best in the league last season (just below Steve Blake).

It's only been seven games and with time Augustin's understanding of Larry Brown's offense should grow. His ball handling has been solid and if his shooting can become less of a liability he'll prove worthy of the first round selection.


AirForceDude said...

I still think it was a bad pick by the Nellycats.

K-Man said...

I don't care if he shoots at all this season, this team needs a point guard that can get the ball to there scores and not turn it over. If he can do the drive and dish out to J-Rich, it will open up the low post and create a better scoring chance for Okafor, who in his first season had better scoring then in previous years due to having a guard that knew how to run an offense. I think DJ will be a starter and provide consistant play at the point. Just whether or not it is consistantly bad or consistantly good is another question on it own.