Wednesday, October 22

Bobcats Getting National Attention

On the heels of Bob Johnson's announcement that he is not interested in selling the team, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski has taken aim on the beloved Bobcats.

Some excerpts:

“He’s been quietly feeling the market out for buyers,” one league executive said.

"With so much mismanagement and miscalculation under Johnson, Charlotte’s return to the NBA has thus far been a disaster."

"Two years ago, he turned his basketball decisions over to an absentee partial owner, Michael Jordan, who appears to be following the same sloppy script that doomed him with the Washington Wizards.

Several Bobcats employees are so skeptical of Jordan’s priorities, a source says there’s a running joke that the greatest player ever had something to do with the league office scheduling the Bobcats in the Super Bowl cities of Miami and Phoenix the day after the 2007 and 2008 games. No one is ever sure when and where they’ll find Jordan around the team – never mind scouting the colleges or overseas – but they know Jordan never misses that Super Bowl week party."

"For someone to suggest that Brown hasn’t gotten his way already, though, would be erroneous. On draft night in June, sources said, Jordan and general manager Rod Higgins had decided to take Stanford 7-footer Brook Lopez with the ninth pick. There was even a call made out of the Charlotte war room to send word to Lopez’s representatives that commissioner David Stern would soon be calling his name at Madison Square Garden."

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K-Man said...

This is just an organization that seemed to be cursed from the moment the NBA let Bob Johnson be the Owner and not M.L. Carr and Larry Bird. As unenthusiastic as this city was to have the NBA back, because of Shinn and that is the only reason, people were getting excited thinking Larry Bird was going to be part of owning this team and it was a person this city felt it related to. The other thing is both Bird and Carr were looking at homes at the time in Charlotte which made fans even more exstatic about the possibility or the NBA being in Charlotte again. Sad to say but the only way to break this might be if/when Bobcat Johnson sells this team and Charlotte rids the stank from having Him and Jordan as part of this organization.