Friday, October 24

Bobcats Pre-season wrapup

Starting with last night’s game, the starters shot a combined 12/40 from the field.

Only 2 players that shot more than 3 times shot better than 38%
- Adam Morrison 4-8 (Reports of Ammo to the Knicks trade rumors)
- Shannon Brown 2-5

Emeka Okafor only attempted 3 shots in 32 minutes of action
-All in a 7-minute span in the 3rd quarter. One a breakaway dunk that gave the Bobcats their only lead
Sean May (11 min) and Ryan Hollins (5 min) only two players to not have a TO.
- Leaders: Richardson (4), Morrison and Wallace (3)

Shannon Brown led the team in assists with 3.
- Felton and Augustin both had 2.
- No other player had more than 1.

Pre-season Totals
The team registered more assists than TOs in only 3 of the 8 games.
- Opp also only had more assists than TOs in 3 games.

Team has shot less than 40% from the field in half of their games, and highest was 43.2%
- Lowest opp FG%: 42.3 (last night)
- Opp FG% better than 45% in 4 games

Bobcats attempted more FTs than opp in only 2 games.
- Shot FTs at 77.5% (Last season total 71.4%)
More total rebounds than opp in only 3 games.

DJ Augustin
Last night, 2 Asts – 2 TOs
For the preseason:
- 5/24 from 3point (21%)
- 17/70 FG (24%)
- 31 assists
- 18 Turnovers
- 209 Total Minutes Played

The guys seem to be thinking too much instead of reacting and that's leading to passing windows closing, hesitation on shots, and general poor play. They must do a better job of attacking the hoop and getting Mek involved in the offense. Don't look for the Cats to get off to a fast start at the beginning of the season. Twelve of their first sixteen games are against playoff teams from a year ago. December should be more favorable, as they have 10 of their 16 games against non-playoff teams. No matter how hard they play or how well they are coached they are still undersized on the front line and lack a guy to guard rangy power forwards. This team has the talent and the ability to make the playoffs, but fans must not give up if/when they get off to a rough start.

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