Thursday, October 30

NFL Week 8: The Numbers

One number from each game that stuck out above all others. Apologies for the late post, I got caught up in all the Bobcats buzz.

Buccaneers v. Cowboys – 59 – yards for the longest drive of the game. Three of the six scoring drives in the game started in the opponents’ territory. First game of the season for both teams that they didn’t break 300 yards in total offense (Bucs 262, Cowboys 172). For the Cowboys, it was the lowest total offense in a win since 1997 (Bears, wk 5).

Redskins v. Lions – 7 – Average passer rating for the seven opposing QBs against the Lions this season: 119. Jason Campbell becomes the 6th QB this season to set a career high passer rating against the Lions. The one that didn’t, Gus Frerotte, still had a season high. The Redskins rushed for over 100 yards for the seventh straight week (week 1 v. Giants: 84).

Bills v. Dolphins – 4 – In both of the Bills losses this season, they’ve had 4 turnovers and failed to score in the 4th quarter. In three of their five wins, the Bills have come from behind in the 4th. Buffalo had their best game on the ground, rushing for 199 yards, but they had their worst in pass defense, giving up over 300 yards for the first time this season. The last four drives for the Bills resulted in: INT, Fumble, Safety, Fumble.

Rams v. Patriots – 9 – The stats are similar. Only ten yards difference in total yards, about a minute difference in TOP, the Rams actually won the turnover battle, but St. Louis had 9 penalties for 63 yards. The Patriots had zero penalties. Three times the Rams were in or on the cusp of FG range, but took a penalty to push them out.

Chiefs v. Jets – 3 – Had it not been for 3 Brett Favre INTs, the Jets would have coasted through this game. For the 3rd straight week Favre had more INTs than TDs, finishing one of the easiest 3 game stretches (CIN, OAK, KC) 2-1, and making each game closer than they should have been. Of the 3 this week, two turned into TDs for KC.

Falcons v. Eagles – 2 – Matt Ryan had 2 INTs after having 1 total in the last four weeks. Brian Westbrook has missed 2 games this season, and finally looked healthy, rushing for a career-high 167 yards and recording his first multi-TD game since Philly’s week 2 loss to the Cowboys. After averaging 180 yards rushing through the first five games, Atlanta was held to less than 80 for the 2nd straight game.

Cardinals v. Panthers – T(W)O – It was an early Jake Delhomme fumble that set up the Cardinals first TD and a late Kurt Warner INT that helped seal the game for the Panthers. This game was only the 2nd time this season the Panthers have converted more than 50% of their 3rd down conversions (KC), and for the second straight week Carolina had only 3 penalties (now 4th in the league at 57, but 10th in penalty yards at 377). Charles Johnson had 2 sacks for the Panthers, the final coming to force a 3rd and 26 on the Cardinals final drive.

Chargers v. Saints – 8 – Hour difference from San Diego to London. West coast teams are now 0-11 when coming to the east coast and now they’re 0-1 when crossing the Atlantic.

Raiders v. Ravens - 17 - 2nd Quarter points for the Ravens, on three straight drives. The Ravens scored 16 points on drives of fewer than 17 yards. Twice they got the ball in the radzone which they converted for TDs and a safety.

Bengals v. Texans - 11 - Ryan Fitzpatrick's number. With Carson Palmer shutting it down, the QB responsibilities have fallen to Fitzpatrick, who through four games has not thrown for more than 165 yards in any one game. The longest pass during this time: 22 yards. In this game, it was Fitzpatrick's 3 TOs (2 INT/1 Fumb) against zero for the Texans that was the primary difference.

Browns v. Jaguars – 29 – Rush yards for Maurice Jones-Drew (24 for Fred Taylor). It’s been feast or famine all year for the Jags rushing game and this was no different. In two of their three wins, they’ve had a 100-yard rusher. In their four losses, the rushing average for the top RB: 28.75 yards.

Giants v. Steelers – 0 – TDs on five trips into the red zone for the Giants until the 4th quarter when they finally broke through with a K. Boss two-yard touchdown. 0 is also the number of Steelers on the roster that could long snap after Greg Warren tore his ACL, leading to a safety and the game-winning drive.

Seahawks v. 49ers – 11 – Interceptions for J.T. O’Sullivan in the six 49er losses this season. He has 0 in their two victories. It was an O’Sullivan Pick-6 in the last minute of the first half that extended Seattle’s lead to 20-3.

Colts v. Titans - 2 - straight games with 2 interceptions for Peyton Manning, both losses. The first was inconsequential, but the second came with just under four minutes left in the game, and immediately led to Chris Johnson TD which effectively ended the game.

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