Friday, October 17

Week 7 NFL Mr. Green Locks

We take a look at my NFL picks this week on the heels of a .500 performance last week. To be fair there were some upsets and many of the games were decided at the last second. Week 7 provides us with more intriguing match-ups in which no clear cut favorite presents itself, but hey, you have a 50/50 chance in each game right? Continue on for my picks.

Last Week: 7-7
Season: 51-37

SD at BUF: Bills- The San Diego I know will have a let down after their big win over the Patriots on Sunday night. They are also traveling to the East Coast for a 1:00 kick-off and the Bills are coming off a bye week.

NO at CAR: Panthers- The mood was very somber in Panthertown this week, but despite the missing Carolina Cat I thik the Panthers will bounce back.

MIN at CHI: Bears- Adrian Peterson lit the Bears up last year and he has had two bad games in a row so conventional wisdom says to take the Vikings. But as you have learned if you visit this site often, I am neither conventional or wise.

PIT at CIN: Steelers- The Steelers were probably never more thankful to get a bye week than last week and what better opponent coming out than the Bengals.

TEN at KC: Titans- The Larry Johnson suspension seemingly makes this an easier pick, but with the Titans brand of offensive football, no game is in the bag for Tennessee. The one game the Chiefs won this year came from taking advantage of many Denver turnovers, if the Titans don't protect the ball, they will lose in a field goal battle.

BAL at MIA: Dolphins- It is time to see if Rex Ryan and his defense has anything to counter the single wing. After the embarassment the Colts gave the Ravens last week, I expect a solid effort, but with Sporano calmly at the helm and Pennington managing the offense, the Dolphins run game should provide them with a win.

SF at NYG: Giants- I expect Eli to play and play well enough to get the win. Again, the 49ers have to play a good team coming off a frustrating loss as they did last week against Philly and the week before against the Patriots.

DAL at STL: Cowboys- Even if Romo is a no go, I expect Dallas to pound the Rams. Unless Jim Haslett has more miracles nestled away in his bag. Dallas actually was smart in having a (somewhat) competent back-up in Brad Johnson [insert Brad Johnson is old joke here, I always enjoy a Methusula reference].

DET at HOU: Texans- Dan Orlovsky has taken a lot of heat for his mistake last week but he had his team in the game late at least, which is more than Kitna was doing. With Detroit shipping away Roy Williams and the benching of Kitna, the Lions are in full play-for-next-year mode.

IND at GB: Colts- It is pretty funny how the Colts are taking no heat for covering up Peyton's other knee procedure but heaven forbid we talk ill of pastor Dungy. Still, with all the turmoil, the Colts are back on track as they proved alst week by hammering the defense of the Ravens. The banged up D of Green Bay should be no problem.

NYJ at OAK: Jets- Tom Cable should do a State Farm commerical where he talks about what it's like to coach the Raiders with no future in sight, "Yeah, I'm there." Favre goes happy-go-jacky on the Raiders secondary like a donkey eating Wrangler jeans.

CLE at WSH: Redskins- Washington had it all figured out, they were going to wipe the floor with the Rams, Browns, and Lions and go 7-1. Instead they forgot to take care of the ball or to fall on it. Cleveland looked good against the Giants on Monday night, but they will have to do it on the road this time to prove they are back to capable.

SEA at TB: Bucs- The Bucs are playing Monte Kiffin defense and despite the cat fight between Garcia and Gruden, Jeff knows how to run a West Coast offense. The Seahawks are heading straight for "most dissapointing team" on the TWWL's idiotic Coors Light six pack of questions.

DEN at NE: Broncos- Even if the Pats win it will be a hard game to watch. If the game does get out of hand like ti did against San Diego look out for the smug alert of fans in the stands saying "Well at least we have the Sox(if they are still playing)/Celtics)." Any Patriot fan from outside of Boston hates Boston fans just as much as everyone else does.

Now it's time for another fun Clue factoid. One of the writers of the movie was Jonathan Landis, along with director Jonathan Lynn. Landis, as you may or may not remember was the director of Michael Jackson's "Thriller". In case you are not familiar with that epic piece of film, here is a rendition of it...using legos....awesome.

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