Thursday, April 30

Baltimore Sun Dropping Staff During Games

Catfish has elaborated on the state of the sports media much more eloquently than I ever could so I will not be throwing any two cents into this story, but once I read it I had to share. From The Big Lead:

"Tough times in the newspaper biz. Two writers for the Baltimore Sun in the press box here got the news — by phone during the game — that they had been laid off in the latest round of cost-cutting. Stay classy, Baltimore Sun management.) (UPDATE: Make that three reporters and a photographer axed by the Sun during the game.)"

There is a certain reality that newspapers and many other businesses must face in times such as these, but if you are going to let people go you should do it in a dignified manner.

The Baltimore Sun is Absolutely Heartless, and Tim Wheatley is a Gutless Sports Editor [TBL]

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