Wednesday, April 8

Perfection In Any Form Is Impressive

I was on a youth soccer team in fourth grade that had the greatest assemblance of talent in the southeast Charlotte area of YMCAs. We were called the "Red Stallions" and through our entire season that year, we went undefeated. We had a few close calls in the playoffs but unlike 18-1, we finished the job, fortunately there was no crazy header for a goal that took us down Tyree style. The point is, in any dimension of competition, whether it is youth sports, fantasy leagues, pro, college, or even a local trivia night, going unbeaten is impressive.

The UConn women's team obviously completed an accomplishment that trumps anything the Red Stallions were able to achieve and did it in historic fashion beating Lousville 76-54 in the women's national championship game. The Huskies went 39-0 after completing a 3 game sweep of the Cardinals this year in St. Louis on one of the worst designed courts I have ever seen. The playing field (court?) may not be as level as on the men's side, but the women's game is not as lopsided as it used to be. The Huskies not only beat every opponent they faced this year, they did it in convincing fashion by double digits. Their closest game was their first of the year which they won by 11 against Georgia Tech.

The blogosphere is constantly rife with jokes about women's basketball, but save the old quips for once, you are not being original. This is not the most unbelievable feat ever recorded, even as far as college athletics go, but credit should be given to this team of individuals for striving for and maintaining perfection this year.

Yes I know it is odd we mention the women's champion before getting to the Tar Heels, but our resident Carolina fanatic Catfish is still recovering from his celebratory hangover. More stuff to come on the Heels this week, we make some MLB picks, and more random items.

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