Wednesday, April 15

Important Last Night in the NBA

Every team has played 81 games and yet on the final night of the regular season, eight playoff seeds are still up for grabs. In the east, six seeds are set with only the 6th and 7th to be determined. The Bulls can snatch the 6th seed away from the 76ers with a win or a Philly loss. The irony being their reward is to play Orlando a team that demolished the Bulls in three of four games this season. If the Bulls end up the seven seed, they may become a fashionable upset pick (already picked by Cleet on the most recent Shackleford Files) against a Celtics team with a wounded KG. Out west, only the 1st seed Lakers and 8th seed Jazz are locked in, and 2-7 are all playing each other tonight. Denver's in the driver's seat, a win and they lock up the two seed. Everyone else will be frantically trying to get off the Lakers half of the bracket. Here's a link for all the scenarios. Tonight's action will almost be as excited as NFL schedule release night!

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