Tuesday, April 14

How Wrong Was I: NBA Predictions

Two of these posts in 24 hours can't be good for the ego, especially given my performance in picking the Tourney. There's still two days remaining in the NBA season, but with all of the playoff spots locked in, it's time to take a look back. The rookie of the year award hasn't been given out, but my Eric Gordon prediction died the day he shook hands with Mike Dunleavy.

I hit on 50% of my stars on the move predictions (Iverson, Marion, and Randolph), and feel if it wasn't for the economy Carter could've been dealt as well. Odom and Bibby, yeah not so much.

Starting in the East, I called six of the eight playoff teams (wee!), missing on the Bobogatos and leaving out the Bulls (damn that Salmons, Miller trade) and the Heat. Out west I was strug-a-ling, predicting both the Suns and Clippers to make the post-season, with Denver and Dallas missing out. That's why George Karl should be coach of the year and I will win nothing.


"Be prepared for another round of LeBron v. Kobe debates, as the King wins his first MVP." Even when I wrote that, I had no idea the force that LBJ would become on both ends of the floor.

"If [Joe Dumars] doesn't believe they're a championship contender, look for one of the mainstays to possibly be on the move (most likely Sheed)." Highlight all the way up until I decreed Detroit had issued notice to the East.

"With no Monta Ellis for most of the first half and an apparently dissatisfied Al Harrington, Nellie's final year will be marked with more drama than wins." The fact this is number three should tell you how well this went.


"DWade can't carry a team for 82 games (like he did in the Olympics)." Apparently, he didn't get the memo.

"With so many teams in the west getting better, [the Denver Nuggets] are one of the few distinctly getting worse." Straight shooting like Gana Diop at the foul line.

" Although they have added Ricky Davis, this [Clipper] team has the energy and ability to cause trouble for a lot of teams." Proving not even the rules of math apply in Clipperland, 1 dumb coach > 4 very talented players.

Prediction I'm pinning all my hopes on

"At the end of the year, [the Lakers] will be depending on the same bench guys to come through in the playoffs, and there's no reason to think they will step up this year."

Finals Prediction I hope will salvage my preview, much like march madness, but in which I have zero confidence

Cavs over Rockets

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