Thursday, April 2

Jay Cutler Trade Done, Backlash Not So Much

The Denver Broncos sent Jay Cutler and a 5th-round pick (140th overall) to the Chicago Bears for two first round picks (18th this year and 2010), a 3rd-round pick (84th overall) and Kyle Orton.

Jay Cutler's critics continue to weigh-in saying he's a crybaby and should accept that he's no different than any other NFL player aka a piece of meat. Calling NFL players a piece of meat is nothing new, but for all of the critics out there when it comes to employment, all of us (more like 95%) are pieces of meat. If a company can replace you with someone cheaper, with less benefits, and lose no productivity there's a good chance they'll do it. The problem is, the ego doesn't like to think of one's self as a piece of meat, the way some are so eager to describe NFL players. As a friend recently put it, "If you're told that you're going to be replaced and 10-15 companies want desperately to hire you, but at the last second your replacement pulls out, are you still going to be eager to stick with the same company?" Of course not, but for some reason, Cutler's being painted as a bad guy.

Not being a fan of his performance is one thing, but to label him as a crybaby for this breakup is refusing to put oneself in Cutler's shoes. He, like any player in professional sports, has a limited amount of time to make his living. He's about to be 26 and if he were to continue playing for the Broncos (knowing they might be looking to move him at every turn), he'll quickly be through his prime and no longer as desirable. He made a decision that was right for him, no different than any other employee in any other business would. He made a decision and stood by it. If Cutler's not a leader then the Broncos should be ecstatic to get rid of the man they signed to a six-year, $48 million dollar contract, right? He didn't hold the Broncos hostage, they got fair compensation and now both sides can move on. If demanding this trade makes Cutler a crybaby, what does that make Julius Peppers? He's demanded a trade, but refuses to allow the Panthers to trade him.

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