Monday, April 13

How Wrong Were We: NCAA Tourney Picks

The memory of Detroit is fading away for fans of teams other than North Carolina. A lot of people are throwing out the boring card for this year's tourney but saying that mainly because of lack of upsets and buzzer-beaters. To me, those people are instant-gratification whores, but there is no arguing the Final Four except for the first half of UConn-MSU was a snoozer. Catfish and I went toe-to-toe with our tournament picks in a pick-counterpick and while we were both atrocious with the exception of Catfish correctly picking UNC, one of us has to ermerge the winner.

Looking up at the big scoreboard:

Cleet: 42/63
Catfish: 37/63

However, I was 0 for the Final Four. I had Carolina getting there but losing to Pitt, while Catfish had Carolina winning it all...even if it was over Purdue. I think based on that, I am willing to concede the victory to Catfish.

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