Wednesday, April 8

Mahktar and Peppers = Magic

I was so wondering what ever happened to everyone's favorite Tar Heel, Mahktar Ndiaye. Old friends Vincanity, Julius Peppers, Mahktar, and Antawn Jamison gathered together in Detroit to watch their alma mater win it all. My first thought is excluding Antawn (pronounced Antwan), the other three are probably a psychiatrists’ wet dream...or nightmare. Luckily Vince did not have to jet off to any playoff games after UNC took care of business (the Nets are officially eliminated from the playoffs). Peppers is sporting a lovely light blue blazer and I'm sure has his mind on lining up for the Panthers this year. It seems only fitting that Mahktar chose a piece of cardboard as his medium for mocking the Blue Devils. Antawn certainly is not bothered by the Wizards .231 winning percentage.

All kidding aside this is a great shot of alumni coming back and cheering on their team while at the same time mocking their rival. Although, there was no word on whether Mahktar accused Goran Suton of dropping an racial epithet at any point in time.

Even in victory, the UNC hatred still abounds for Duke [ via TBL]

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