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NFL # 1 Draft Picks: You Don't Know [Blank]

It is that time of year again when people can become obsessed with their favorite teams. Draft day is a source of both hope, dashed dreams, false confidence, and wonderment as to where in the hell some guy your team takes in the 6th round out of Monmouth came from. In today's version of our blog trivia game, we test your knowledge on players taken at the top spot in the last 25 years of the draft. Some of these guys went on to NFL glory after shaking meatclaws with the commissioner, others are now the subject of mockery and are now only known through top ten lists of draft busts. The game begins after the break so sharpen those minds, reach back into those memories and as always feel free to post your score.

We begin our trip down memory lane with the number 1 pick from 25 years ago when the Patriots took WR [No cheating] who went on to have a long career with both New England and Philly. 2 years later the Bucs were on the clock when they selected two-sport athlete Bo Jackson. However, they did not Bo playing baseball because, you know, it is such a violent sport. Bo did not sign with the Bucs but instead with [No cheating] of MLB. The next year in 1987 Bo was taken in the 7th round by [Just answer baby].

In 1989 the Cowboys drafted QB [Thanks O-line and Emmitt] who promptly went 0-11 as a starter in his first season, but would later go on to better things. The next year the Colts tried to recapture QB magic when they took the mullet-donning [No cheating] out of Illinois. It did not quite work out the way they had hoped even though he swears to this day that he can still play. After DTs were taken in '91 and '92, the Patriots took Drew Bledsoe out of [Go Cougs] with their first pick. Bledsoe became the franchise player, leading them to a Super Bowl and being their everything until a hit from [Not Larry or Curly] changed everything.

The proud franchise that is the Bengals were on the clock for the first pick for the years of 1994-1995. They did not choose wisely, or maybe they were unlucky. In 1994 they took Dan Wilkinson out of Runner-Up U. Wilkinson was also known as [Not Sandler's best] and was on the SI Cover but he never really lived up to the hype. The next year they stayed in the big ten as they took RB [Ow, my knees] out of Penn State but injuries turned him into a bust. The Bengals would not pick 1st again until 2003 when they took Heisman winner [Up yours von Oelhoffen].

In 1998 there was much debate on which QB should be taken number 1. The Colts made a very sage choice by taking [He'd kill a snitch] over notorious bust [I SAID DON'T ASK ME THAT!]. The next year the Browns thought they had struck similar gold to the Colts when they took [They burn these at WVA] but despite leading them to the playoffs, he eventually could not beat out Kelly Holcomb (LOL) after being injured. The Browns had the 1st pick in 2000 as well and went with DE [Lots of PSU busts] but that did not pan out either.

From 2001-2005 a QB was taken first. The first two are no longer starters in the league: [Must love dogs] out of Virginia Tech and the black-gloved one himself [Sacks a lot]. The answer to #10 and Eli Manning were the next two and then in 2005 the 49ers picked [Small hands] who was coming off leading Utah to an undefeated season under Urban Meyer. Teams think of drafting Tebow next year should pay attention.

Speaking of paying attention, last year the Dolphins selected [Not Howie's son] first, an OT from Michigan. They added in a veteran QB in Pennington and despite his noodle-arm made the payoffs. DO YOU HERE THIS DETROIT?! Probably not since they are going to take Stafford and regret it.

Before we take a look at the answers and how well you did, let's relive one of the magical moments from the draft. It does not involve a number 1 pick but in 1998 Philly fans that made the trip to New York wished to inform their organization of how they felt about taking Donovan McNabb instead of Ricky Williams.

1. Irving Fryar
2. Kansas City Royals
3. Oakland Raider
4. Troy Aikman
5. Jeff George
6. Washington State
7. Mo Lewis
8. Big Daddy
9. Ki-Jana Carter
10. Carson Palmer
11. Peyton Manning
12. Ryan Leaf
13. Tim Couch
14. Courtney Brown
15. Michael Vick
16. David Carr
17. Alex Smith
18. Jake Long

Scoring Scale:
0-2: Think Soccer is the cat's pajamas.
3-6: Believe kicker is the way to go in round 1.
7-10: Excited to watch Berman this weekend.
11-14: Have the fiery ambition of Todd Mcshay.
15-17: Your hair is immovable as Mel Kiper Jr.'s.
Perfect 18: The next Shawn Zobel.

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