Monday, April 13

Citi Field Debuts Tonight

It may not just be the asymymmetric dimensions of the New York Mets new stadium that are a mystery, the fans themselves may need time to adjust. I can only imagine what it would be like to be a Mets' season ticket holder for years in the horrible, yet lovable dump that was Shea and now, if you can afford it, be moving in to the nice new digs across the way. It would be like if my '91 Volvo were suddenly replaced by a shiny new BMW. Having 17,000 less seats than Shea kind of irks me but the almighty dollar rules out over Joe fan sitting in the upper reaches spilling his mini-helmet filled with ice cream all over his shirt. The good news is that there will be plenty of bathrooms for all in the new digs.

New York hosts San Diego tonight in a new home for the first time in 45 years. The game is on ESPN tonight at 7 and should feature plenty of coverage of the park itself to exceed the game itself. A lot of focus will be on the Jackie Robinson Rotunda at the front of the stadium which will be a tribute to the city's past. A nod to the old Brooklyn Dodgers is fitting because it was the exodus of the Dodgers and Giants that soon prompted the birth of the Metropolitans.

The Mets are a ho-hum 3-3 so far and after the excitement of getting good work out of the bullpen early, it was dissapointing to see the team blow a 13K, no earned run performance by Santana yesterday. Expectations are high for the team and along with them are hopes that the team will not squander another September lead in what should be a highly competitive division.

Some good news even before the opening pitch was that Bernie Madoff's tickets went for $7.5k on ebay.

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