Friday, April 17

Paging Nancy Grace or Navy SEALS

Can we just pretend that Julius is missing, so at least someone will talk about this stalemate? Maybe we can send Navy SEALS to Carl Carey's house, because if the Panthers are held hostage through the draft there has to be some sort of crime being committed. While GM Marty Hurney remains optimistic about the situation (and even 90's return), he also pointed out that Carl Carey has not come to him with one trade offer. Not one?

Ninety, what are you paying this guy for? You demanded a trade and the only person on the planet that can negotiate (and who will be rewarded handsomely if you don't move) is doing nothing to help facilitate your departure. If Pep is not traded by the draft any positive momentum from the 12-4 season will be lost and the team will be headed straight to Mediocre Town (a lil place right outside Fayetteville). The team can't even afford to re-sign their long snapper because of this situation. Pep, you've said this wasn't about money it's about moving on, but with a fat payday dangling in front of you and your clueless agent, you appear ready to screw the city that loved you. Sadly, you now have more big plays made in the off-season than you do in the post.

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