Friday, April 17

Could Carolina's Backcourt be Back?

Before the college basketball season even began it was assumed that both Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington were in their final year of college basketball. Months later, the Heels have a national championship, Lawson was the ACC Player of the Year and Wayne Ellington was the NCAA tournament's Most Outstanding Player, so why have they not yet declared, unlike 40 other underclassmen? Because both tested their draft stock last season, they would be locked into the draft if they decided to declare this season. Last night, the team had the post-season awards banquet and many were expecting the announcements to come soon after, but so far both have remained silent.

While both will probably opt for the draft, if only one did Ty Lawson would seem to be the most logical choice. Depending on the ranking, Lawson is between the third and fifth best point guard available. If Ricky Rubio were to pull out of the draft because of buyout issues with his current team, Lawson may trail only Brandon Jennings on team's PG lists. The impending decision of Steph Curry could also influence whether Lawson is a late lottery pick or stumbling to the bottom of the first round. Other PGs of note: Jrue Holliday, Darren Collison, Eric Maynor, and Jeff Teague.

Ellington's stock remains somewhat of an enigma with him drifting between the lower half of the first round and the top of the second round. ASU's James Harden and Memphis's Tyreke Evans are both likely lottery picks, but Chase Budinger and Terrence Williams are similar players that could push Ellington lower. Ellington's former high school teammate and current rival Gerald Henderson is also more athletic and his decision could also have a negative impact.

Regardless of where they are drafted, can they accomplish more in their senior seasons? Lawson's shot and defense improved dramatically this season and Ellington's shot was aided by his increased willingness to attack the basket. With a bountiful stock of underclassmen (Cole Aldrich, Ed Davis, Greg Monroe, Evan Turner, and Willie Warren and others) as well as at least five one and done candidates their stock may not have much growth potential.


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