Wednesday, April 15

Start Predicting Your Team's Doom Now

Did you watch the entirety of TWWL or NFL Network's coverage? Yeah me neither but it does not mean I glanced quickly through my team's schedule. The NFL complete schedule is here and the important thing to remember is not to get to happy or dispirited at this point. After all, you are always a week 1 injury away from having your season implode.

In case you were wondering how the suits at the NFL devise the schedule, here is a guy with a beard. []

ASD worlds will collide December 13th when the Panthers visit the Patriots.

My final word on the schedule I will make is why the hell are the Patriots at Indy for the 3rd straight year? I understand that the NFL want these two teams to play annually because of the rivalry but shouldn't they alternate home and home? I understand the Pats get no sympathy from anyone but that seems messed up.

Ten Games To Watch [CBSSports]
The Dolphins logo will always remind me of special Ed. Did you know Mercury Morris did a lot of coke in his day? Oh yeah, the fins are on primetime a lot this year. []

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